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Bugs in the Kitchen Board Game Review (Hexbug + Board Game = FUN!)

By Kelsey

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Bugs in the Kitchen is a new and very unique game. I am impressed with its simplistic and creative design. The game board is actually inside the box itself and the little robotic bug is made by Hexbug, who never fails to impress with their robotics.

Age Range: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 year olds
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The Bugs in the Kitchen game is easy to unbox, it’s the setup that takes some time and patience. There are pieces to hold up the game board and secure the utensil accessories to. The utensils secure to the pegs and then can be turn 360 degrees as needed for set up and game play. Also included in the set is a die for determining your move at each turn. Ravensburger Bugs in the Kitchen Game
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The Playtime Experience

In order to play the game, you must first set the utensil pieces in one of the four starting patterns. Then turn on the Hexbug Nano with the on/off switch located on the underside of the device. Place him in the center of the board and then begin taking turns rolling the die. The die has a different utensil (spoon, fork, knife) on each side and the last side has a question mark. When you take a turn you roll the die and depending on which utensil you get, you can turn one of the corresponding pieces on the game board to direct the bug into your trap along the side of the game board. If you get a question mark, you may choose whichever piece you’d like to play. Whenever you “trap” the bug, you get a bug token and the board must be reset to the starting position. The first person to collect 5 bug tokens wins the game. Bugs in the Kitchen Game Review
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Things I Liked

I really like the Hexbug Nano that comes with this game. This game is very unique and I always like a game that can be fun and different.
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Things I Didn't Like

I really don’t have anything I dislike about this game. The setup is a bit tedious for the very first play but that is only a problem once so I can’t complain.
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Appropriate Ages

This game is recommended for players 6 years of age and older.
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Final Note

I highly recommend the Bugs in the Kitchen game. It is well thought out and simple. I really like how unique this game is and how easy it is to play. This is a great family game and I love how the game board is the box itself, as it makes it very convenient to store in between play times. https://youtu.be/onmrCXNCt6o (You may also like: HEXBUG Aquabot Wahoo With Bowl)

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