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Doctor Dreadful Alien Autopsy (Gross Science Has Never Been So Fun!)

By Kelsey

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Kids seem to be really attracted to toys with an edible and gross nature. The Doctor Dreadful – Alien Autopsy combines both of these by allowing kids to create edible, gummy and gross treats in the body of the alien on the table.

Age Range: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 year olds
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The Alien Autopsy set comes in a large box and in several smaller plastic pieces. You have to use the instructions to put the table and the alien together and ready for play. By installing batteries the organs of the alien are full automated. There are several packets of mix with labels like “lung bugs” and “intestine mix”. Doctor Dreadful Alien Autopsy
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The Playtime Experience

The playtime experience with this toy is truly disgusting. I decided to make the “Lung Bugs” and “Eyeball” experiment and it was extremely gross. I had to mix several scoops of the mix with water in the measuring cup provided and then scoop some into the eyeball socket of the alien and the rest into the included syringe. The syringe then injects the mixture in the “Lung Bug” mold to become the gummy treat intended. I refused to put such a treat in my mouth because the smell of the mixture was making me gag! Alien Autopsy Review
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Things I Liked

I like the idea of this toy since most kids find edible gross science so much fun. However, I didn’t really have a lot I LOVED about this toy.
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Things I Didn't Like

I do NOT like the mix for the “Lung Bug” experiment, it was disgusting and smelled so bad I couldn’t even imagine trying to eat it. Also I don’t see the purpose of the battery operated portion. All it does is shake the intestine mold and wasn’t really that interesting.
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Appropriate Ages

Alien Autopsy is disgusting for everyone but recommended for players 5 and older.
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Final Note

Doctor Dreadful - Alien Autopsy is the grossest “edible” science toy I have played with to date. I gagged through the entire process and couldn’t bring myself to eat the nasty black gummy that resulted from the “Lung Bug” experiment. Purchase this kit and eat the gummies if you dare! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvXlrCAH0oY (You may also like: 25 Best Science Experiment Kits for Kids)

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