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Fisher-Price Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair

By Kelsey

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I have been able to review several pieces to the pirate-themed Imaginext set by Fisher-Price. One of the coolest pieces of this set is the Fisher-Price Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair. This toy is very cool looking and has a lot of moving parts and accessories to keep children engaged.

Age Range:
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Fisher-Price Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair was a little tricky to open. There are several zip ties and paper “ropes” holding everything in place. You will definitely need a good pair of scissors to open it effectively. The accessory pieces including cannon, cannon balls, a crocodile, sword, telescope, boat and pirate’s treasure, which are all displayed behind plastic. To open this part of the Blackbeard’s Lair you just have to work your scissors or a fingernail between the cardboard backing and the plastic to “pop” them out of their display. blackbeard's lair unboxing
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The Playtime Experience

There are many things to do with the Fisher-Price Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair. There is a place to confine your pirate prisoners in the prison structer on the Lair base as well as a swinging cage on the arm of the skull and cross bones. There is also a retractable plank, a trap door and a power pad on top that swings the arms of the skull and cross bones, when activated. fisher-price imaginext blackbeards lair
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Things I Liked

I have liked so many things about this pirate themed Imaginext play set. The things I like are consistent with the attention to detail Fisher-Price paid to these toys. The Fisher-Price Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair is no exception to this rule. I love that there are so many details with this toy that keeps children engaged and interested in the toy itself and encourages hours of imaginative play. Blackbeard’s Lair has so much to give in terms of entertainment and keeps a budget friendly price.
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Things I Didn’t Like

I don’t really have anything I don’t like about this toy is; it may have benefited from the addition of sound effects but none of the Fisher-Price Imaginext Pirate set has included sounds effects so I wasn’t surprised that sound effects were not included.
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Appropriate Ages

Fisher-Price Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair is listed as made for children 3-8 years old. I think that this age grouping is perfect for this toy. Children younger than 3 having the choking hazard risk due to the small accessory pieces but beyond 3 years old I think there is a large age range of children who would enjoy playing with this toy. Especially if it were included with and added to with the rest of the Imaginext pirate set.
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Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair: Worth it?

My final assessment of this toy is that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this toy again if given the chance. I enjoyed playing with this toy and I love that Fisher-Price paid such good attention to the small details. I think it pairs perfectly with the other members of this set. Blackbeard’s Lair is interesting, fun, entertaining and budget friendly to boot. As a mom, I love toys that are easy on the pocket book and encourage children to use their imagination. So the Fisher-Price Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair and the entire Imaginext pirate themed set get two thumbs up from me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dze_5EIWUkE

  1. Kelsey says:
    Pirate-themed imagination fun!

    Fisher-Price’s Imaginext series including the Blackbeard’s Lair is full of unique and highly entertaining toys. The Blackbeard’s Lair is one of my favorites from this set. There are so many moving parts and accessories it is sure to provide hours of imagination driven fun.

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