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215+ Best Games of 2020 for Kids – The Ultimate Parent’s Guide

31 Noteworthy Brain Games for Kids (That Aren’t Lame)

From brain games for kids, to problem solving puzzles, this collection of games is both educational and fun, and will help your kids to develop and learn about new things whilst they play. Be it math, science, or even engineering, this list will be full STEAM ahead.

31 Memory and Matching Games For Kids That Actually Work

When you’re searching for games to educate your kids, it can be tempting to look for something complicated and…well…boring. But nobody said education had to be dull! Check out our list of fab memory and matching games for all ages – there’s even some DIY ones included for you to make at home.

27 Kids Spelling Games the Whole Family Will Play Together

As parents we love to see our children enjoying themselves – little do they know that while they’re playing they’re learning, too. Turn family game night into an education they don’t know they’re having with this range of fun spelling games that Mom and Dad can join in with, too.

34 Low Cost Math Flash Cards Sets That Make Learning Easy

It can be truly hard to find a game about math that is actually fun to play, but you can rest assured that every item in this collection will keep kids occupied. From colorful math flash cards, to low cost homemade Kenyan strategy games, all you need to figure out is which one to choose.

22 Epic Maze Games Kids (and Adults) Will Play For Hours

The term brain game may sound more like a school project than a fun hobby, but this list of maze games, puzzles, and labyrinths is the key to unlocking your brain’s potential through the medium of play. Boredom and bewilderment will disappear as you conquer each one – get the whole family involved for some friendly competition.

21 Challenging Crossword Puzzles That Get Kids Thinking

Crosswords are not just for adults, as demonstrated by this collection of challenging kids’ crossword puzzle books. From riddles to dot to dots and math activity books, this list has all kinds of educational games and word activities to get your tinkers thinking. The only puzzle will be which one to buy first.

Best Kids Games (By Age)