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Grossery Gang Season 2 Horrid Hot Dog Playset Review

By Kelsey

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I’ve played with a couple Grossery Gang Play sets and I am always impressed how they find new ways to make gross, fun. This week I played with the Grossery Gang Season 2 Horrid Hot Dog Playset. This playset had a unique play but I think the other playsets I’ve played with had more interactivity.

Age Range: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 year olds
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This was a tedious unboxing. There was a lot of cardboard/paper ties, plastic wraps, tape and more. I used my scissors for most of it. Grossery Gang Horrid Hot Dog Playset
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The Playtime Experience

The Horrid Hot Dog Playset comes with two exclusive Grossery Gang characters but doesn’t tell you their names. The set comes with the main playset, a separate mustard bottle (launcher) a basked and an open-faced plastic hot dog bun. In order to play you will load the Grossery Gang character on the end of the mustard bottle. Then use the air inside the bottle to launch the character toward the sign at the top of the playset. The sign on the playset operates a trap door along the top. Once the character bounces to the rollers beneath there is a crank on the front of the playset that rolls the Grossery Gang pieces through the rollers and out to the waiting basket or open hot dog bun. Horrid Hot Dog Review
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Things I Liked

I like the idea of the trap door and launching the Grossery Gang piece at it but it didn’t work very well.
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Things I Didn't Like

The Grossery Gang characters are so rubbery they bounce off the playset so the game play doesn’t work as well as one would hope.
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Appropriate Ages

As with most Grossery Gang playsets, this playset is recommended for players 5 and older.
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Final Note

This Grossery Gang Season 2 Horrid Hot Dog Playset is a cute enough playset. The game play is simple but it doesn’t work very well unfortunately. Some of the other playsets I have played with had more interactivity and more Grossery Gang members. This set came with two so it is a good starter set or something to add to an existing collection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuGv1ND2Uhw (You may also like: The Grossery Gang Series 2- Icky Pops)

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