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70+ Best Kids Bikes of 2020 – Age-Appropriate Sizes and Models

38 Cool and Unique Kids Bike Helmets (These Are Awesome)

Kids have been riding bikes for generations, and they still remain top of many children’s wish lists. But with great fun comes great responsibility, and that includes wearing the appropriate safety gear when out on the road. This list has some truly cool and unique helmets to ensure your kids can take the knocks.

21 Most Durable Kids Mountain Bikes for Safe Riding

Give your kids a sense of freedom and adventure and gift them a new mountain bike. All the models on this list are well built, sturdy, and suitable for both travelling the trails and spinning down the sidewalk. Stylish, fun, and years’ worth of good times.

39 Best Balance Bikes for Kids 2 and Up

From the age of 2, your little one is ready to start riding, but traditional kids’ bikes will be a little too advanced. Balance bikes are the perfect solution. With all the fun of their own two wheels, wobbly toddlers can use their feet instead of pedals, allowing them to perfect their balance before moving on.

28 Trusted Bike Trailers for Kids (Keep Them Safe)

Do you love to get out on your bike but wish there was some way you could bring the kids with you? If that’s the case, get yourself a bike trailer. Perfect for keeping your little stowaways safe, dry, and comfortable, these trailers make solo cycling a thing of the past.

Best Kids Bikes (By Age)