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Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack (Action packed good time!)

By Kelsey

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I love playing with Nerf guns and I loved playing with the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack. This is a unique way to play Nerf without the darts and is sure to provide an action-packed good time.

Age Range: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds
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I received my Lazer Tag guns in the frustration free option from Amazon.com since this was the only packaging option at the time of my order. They arrived in open face cardboard packages with each gun in a separate plastic bag. The instruction manual included was very helpful since the guns are slightly more complicated than your standard Nerf gun. You will need a total of 12 AA batteries to operate the guns, 6 in each. Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2 pack
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The Playtime Experience

There are several settings to use before you start using your Nerf Lazer Tag guns. There is a setting for indoor or outdoor and an on/off switch where you choose solo play or team play. You also have to choose how many “points” or hits you can receive before you are out, this is either 10 or 25. To play with the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Taggers you have to start up the guns and allow them to boot up completely. Once they are ready to go an electronic voice will say “good luck.” Then if you are in solo play your goal is to hit the opponent enough times to get them “out”. During play if you shoot several times in a row you will need to reload using a trigger on the side of the gun. You also have a shield option which blocks your gun from receiving hits but does not allow you to simultaneously fire the gun. Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2 pack Review
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Things I Liked

I really enjoyed playing with the Lazer gun two-pack from Nerf. It is fast-paced and actioned packed. The range on the firing power was excellent and easily went across the house, as long as you have line of sight to your opponent’s gun. I love the team option for if you want to have a large group of people playing at the same time.
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Things I Didn't Like

The only complaint I have with this toy is the amount of batteries it takes to operate them. I can see why considering how much those batteries have to operate on this small gun but still. I would much rather have seen a rechargeable feature if that is possible.
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Appropriate Ages

The Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Taggers are recommended for players over 8 years of age. This is standard with most Nerf guns however I thing a slightly younger age group could still enjoy this toy and I know I enjoyed it as an adult.
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Final Note

I really can’t wait to play with my Nerf Lazer Tag guns again. This was a unique way to play and I had fun the whole time. Considering the price is about what you pay for any other Nerf gun, I have no complaints with the price-point on this. I wish that the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack didn’t require as many batteries but I would definitely purchase again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-j6pG6HqXk (You may also like: 69 Best NERF Guns for Epic Pretend Play Battles)

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