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arts and crafts for kids

Seedling Design Your Own Headphones (A Fun DIY Kit?)

I love a good crafting toy and I love the concept behind the Seedling Design Your Own Headphones. Not only do I get to craft but I get to use my creation for something I love, listening to my favorite tunes!  

Classic Spirograph Deluxe Design Set (Every Parents Retro Dream)

I had a small Spirograph set when I was a little girl and I absolute loved playing with it to create custom designs. I was so excited to see the Spirograph Deluxe Design Set on Amazon.com’s Best Toys of the Month list and wanted to see what improvements were in store for me.  

Creativity for Kids Glitter Nail Art Set (A Glam Kit That Lasts?)

Glitter Nails are big in the beauty world right now, but the thought of loose glitter is enough to send most of us moms to running for the hills! The Creativity for Kids Glitter Nail Art set is a great way to let your little one create their own nail art, while keeping the potential […]

American Girl Stamping T-Shirt Design Kit (Did it Work?)

The American Girl Stamping T-Shirt Design Kit offers the perfect blend of crafting love and classic well-loved toys. I had a lot of fun creating my American Girl doll t-shirt and think it would be fun to create a matching set!

Kinetic Sand Sandbox and Molds (Squishy Dough of My Dreams)

Until I started playing with the Kinetic Sand Sandbox & Molds, I hadn’t ever played with Kinetic Sand before. This stuff is AMAZING! I had so much fun playing with this sand and it was so satisfying to squish it in my fingers without a giant mess under my fingernails or color transfer on my […]

Make and Decorate Your Own Piggy Bank (Cute Craft Kit)

A first piggy bank is usually an exciting purchase for parent and child alike. I remember fondly putting pennies from my dad in my little piggy bank as a very little girl. I love a good craft kit and couldn’t think of anything better than a custom piggy bank. I had a lot of fun […]

Creativity for Kids Origami Kit (Craft Play That Lasts)

When I was a little girl, I saw someone fold a dollar bill into a swan and I was totally mesmerized. I was convinced I was going to learn Origami and make myself all sorts of flowers, swans, and other paper creatures. That is, until I tried it and failed miserably. I have never tried […]

Scientific Explorer My Own Perfumery (DIY Perfume Kit for Kids)

I had never had the opportunity to work with fragrance and the creation process before the Scientific Explorer My Own Perfumery Kit. I had a lot of fun with this kit and it teaches a lot about scent, chemicals and how they work together to create the perfect perfume.  

Crazy Aaron’s Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit (DIY Putty)

I love a crafting toy and I love toys that think outside the box. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit certainly checked both these boxes for me. I had a lot of fun creating my own “galaxy purple putty”.  

3Doodler Start Pen Review (Coloring Brought to Life!)

I loved my playtime with the new 3Doodler Start. I loved coloring and creating when I was a kid, and these are things I’ve continued to enjoy well into my adult life. The 3Doodler Start was great because it not only combined those two interests but brought them to life.