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34 Classic Fisher-Price Baby Toys They’ll Cherish

With their sensory designs, Fisher-Price baby toys encourage little ones to explore textures, sounds and colors, whether they’re just sitting up and taking notice of what’s around them, or they’re running around and in to everything they can grab hold of.

37 Coolest Baby Teething Toys That Mom’s Can Trust

As parents, it’s in our nature to nurture, especially when our kids are in pain. For the relief of discomfort associated with cutting teeth, baby teething toys are essential nursery accessories. We have a great list of baby-tested and mom-approved items for you to choose.

22 Must-Buy Baby Rocker Sleepers

For when you need an extra pair of helping hands, baby rockers are always there. With optional vibrating actions, these rockers are essential nursery items for sleeping, feeding, and for when your baby just wants to play. We’ve selected some of the best, and they’re right here.

13 Most Popular Fisher-Price Jumperoo Baby Bouncers

A Fisher-Price Jumperoo is a baby essential. Once they get too big for the bouncy chair but they’re too small to crawl or walk, a Jumperoo is the solution. The seat swivels round so they can get to all the wonderful toys, lights and sounds…the only problem is choosing which one to go for!

Gund Baby Sleepy Seas Lights and Soothing Sounds Whale Toy (Love this!)

Not many things will get the attention of a new parents faster than using the words “sleep” and “baby” in the same sentence. White noise and soothing music can be a great way to soothe your little one to sleep and get you back in bed faster. The Gund Baby Sleepy Seas Lights and Soothing […]