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30 Essential Baby Einstein Toys

This list of Baby Einstein toys includes a wide range of educational and musical toys designed to enhance your baby’s learning experience. Help your baby learn numbers and colors by exposing them to these toys that will stimulate all their motor senses. For a gift that never goes out of style and provides hours of […]

16 Best Baby Jumpers of All-Time

There’s so much to explore with these baby jumpers, from zoos to Amazon rainforests, your child will have much to discover. They also keep them securely bound in the bouncer and come highly rated.

21 Wubbanub Pacifiers Your Baby Will Love

A majority of young babies need pacifiers for the first few months of their lives. The need to suck as a form of comfort runs strong. However, they often struggle to keep the pacifier in their mouth. This is where the wonderful Wubbanub comes in handy. These adorable animals come attached to a pacifier. They […]

26 Best Baby Toys of 2016

Babies benefit from a range of interactive learning toys, gentle soothers and plush cuddly friends to help them grow and develop into happy toddlers. Here’s a list of the best baby toys of 2016.

19 Graco Baby Swings All Moms Love

A baby swing is the perfect accessory to keep your newborn comfortable, happy and relaxed. Swings are designed to soothe and entertain, while also assisting with colic and sleeplessness. Graco are one of the leading companies in providing high quality, multi-functional baby swings. Here are some of their best. (Read this next: 18 Classic Fisher-Price […]

18 Classic Fisher-Price Baby Swings

Baby swings are a wonderful way of soothing and calming an infant or toddler. The gentle vibrations, multiple tunes, gentle movement and snug fabrics provide optimal comfort and relaxation. Here is a list of the best Fisher-Price Baby Swings.

Vtech Brilliant Baby Laptop

Young children love to emulate their parents and since a lot of us are admittedly more “plugged in” than we would like to be, it’s only natural that our small children express an interest in electronics. Smart phones, laptops, tablets, you name it, they want it. I assume I am like most parents in that […]