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39 Best Toys for Getting Your Kids Really Into Science

Follow the link to find yourself nestled amongst some of the best science toys that are on the market today. From biology to chemistry to physics, there is a science toy that your child will love and appreciate. Check it out!

39 Best Toys and Kids Books for Your Awakening Little Feminist

We need strong independent girls to grow up and take on the male dominated forces, to fight for equality for women, and make sexism a thing of the past. Help her become inspired with these toys and books for young feminists; hopefully it’ll spark something inside of them and help them find what they’re passionate about.

39 Best Toys for Your Little Doctor or Nurse To Be

Dressing up and role play is a vital part of our children’s development. Playing doctors and nurses is a great way for them to learn kindness towards one another as they look after patients and make them feel better. We’ve put together this great list which is filled with doctor toys which they’ll love playing with.

23 Coolest Spy Gear for Kids

Spies really do have cool technology. With the items on this list your child will be able to feel like James Bond when they step out to play, they’ll be totally discreet and undetectable. Here are the best Spy Gear equipment and toys available for your little spy!