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board games for kids

Codenames Board Game Review (A Good Brain Teaser!)

Codenames has been on the Amazon.com Best Seller list for months now. When I was shopping and saw all the positive reviews I knew I had to try it for myself. I am glad I did, even though this game appears confusing at first, it ends up being rather simple and challenging at the same […]

Hasbro Egged On Game (Your Kids Will LOVE This Fun Game!)

Jimmy Fallon has started a new game on his show The Tonight Show. In the game, he has a random number of eggs, some are hard-boiled and some are not. He and the guest take turns smashing an egg against their head and if you get yolk on your face you lose. In the game […]

Ravensburger Funny Bunny Children’s Game Review

The 5 and older age range is a great time for kids to play board games with the family. I love finding games that are fun for everyone and include this young age group. The Ravensburger Funny Bunny – Children’s Game is a great addition to any family game arsenal and may be your welcome […]

Game Zone Ready Spaghetti Game (Simple… But Fun?)

Last year it was Yeti in my Spaghetti and now its Games Zone’s Ready Spaghetti game that’s new to the play world. This game takes a decent chunk of time to set up and will definitely require an adult’s assistance to do so successfully. The game play is simple enough but in the end I […]