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20 Books That Help Parents Raise Grateful Kids

Happy people find the positive points in everyday life. Teaching our kids to express gratitude for the little things is more than just politeness; it sets them on a course to becoming content adults. Choose books or journals to help them develop this skill early.

39 Best Toys and Kids Books for Your Awakening Little Feminist

We need strong independent girls to grow up and take on the male dominated forces, to fight for equality for women, and make sexism a thing of the past. Help her become inspired with these toys and books for young feminists; hopefully it’ll spark something inside of them and help them find what they’re passionate about.

25 Picture Books and Toys for Growing Preschool Language Skills

Nurture your little one’s natural curiosity with wonderful volumes which teach through the art of storytelling and words. Preschool books make great gifts, and will set them on the road to a lifetime love of learning. Follow the story with our fabulous list.