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Play-Doh Disney’s Frozen Sled Adventure Playset (Too Cool!)

The Play-Doh Sled Adventure is an inexpensive, Frozen-themed playset that I really enjoy playing with. There is plenty to do and when I ordered mine Amazon.com was also including a whole package of glitter Play-Doh in the purchase. This play set is simple, but a lot of fun and it even included my favorite character, […]

Disney Heroes vs. Villains Mystery Minis (Woot Woot!)

Collectibles are among the hottest trends in the toy world right now and are expected to only grow through the 2017 year. The best part of many collectibles is the excitement that comes with doing a blind box or blind bag opening. I have a lot of fun with my blind box openings and I […]

Disney Princess Rapunzel’s Magical Story Skirt Doll (Hmm)

Disney has just released a new series on Disney Junior that plays off the very popular movie, Tangled. It continues the story of Rapunzel and her many adventures with her long golden locks of hair. I came across the Disney Princess Rapunzel’s Magical Story Skirt and I was curious to play with her and see […]

Disney Moana Musical Moana of Oceania (I Love This Doll)

With the release of Disney’s new movie, Moana. I am on the hunt for the best Moana themed toys and dolls. I recently played with a larger Moana doll and wasn’t that impressed. So far my experience with the Disney Moana Musical Moana of Oceania has been better but I am still hunting.

Disney Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends (A Complete Set)

I am still on the hunt for the best Moana themed doll set I can find. I’ve played with several dolls but none with as complete a set as the Disney Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends. This set is actually a projector as well which when in use will project the moon on the wall. […]

22 Disney Infinity 3.0 Action Figures You Should Collect

A child’s reaction to a gift says it all, there seems to be little to no filter. With these Disney Infinity 3.0 action figures you can expect nothing less than a jump for joy and a loud “Yes!”. They’ll instantly remember the character from the movies they loved and want to create the untold story. […]