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39 Epic Toys and Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

Gifts for 6 year old girls are as abundant as their imaginations are wide and wondrous and ever curious. Crafts, archery, photography, Barbie dolls, science, music, scooters, and squishy soft puppies when the mood strikes. Savor these sweet moments

24 Sentimental (And Unique) Mother Daughter Gifts

From hand-painted sculptures that portray a mother cradling her daughter to hand-crafted journals that include beautifully written anecdotes of joyful celebrations, mother daughter gifts offer boundless comfort, love, and attribution to the indivisible connection between a mom and her girl.

39 Christmas Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

Teetering on the brink of womanhood, yet not quite ready to leave childish things behind – it’s challenging to find “just-right” gifts for 10 year old girls. This list offers a wide variety of choices that appeal to the broad spectrum of their amazing personalities.

37 Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls That She Actually Wants

Coming up with perfect gifts for 8 year old girls doesn’t have to be scary! Check out this list of suggestions, including some of the best craft kits available. Many of the selections include great ideas for birthday parties and sleepovers.

24 OMG-worthy Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls

On the cusp of adolescence, with a healthy dose of independence, today’s kids have more interests than ever before. So we have even more interesting items from which to choose when you’re searching for gifts for 11 year old girls.

32 Great Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls (Noteworthy Picks)

From Wonder Woman, scrapbooking, and little pet shops to journaling, painting, and Barbie in abundant styles, the selection of gifts for 7 year old girls is wide, beautiful, and sure to please. Whatever the choice, hugs and love await.