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Grossery Gang Season 2 Horrid Hot Dog Playset Review

I’ve played with a couple Grossery Gang Play sets and I am always impressed how they find new ways to make gross, fun. This week I played with the Grossery Gang Season 2 Horrid Hot Dog Playset. This playset had a unique play but I think the other playsets I’ve played with had more interactivity.

The Grossery Gang Series 2- Icky Pops (The Best Grossery Gang Set?)

I have played with the Grossery Gang collectibles before, namely the Mushy Slushie set, Moldy Chips and Crunchy Munch collections. I was excited to play with more Grossery Gang characters with Series 2- Icky Pops. I wasn’t disappointed by my 16 new friends and even found an ‘ultra rare’ character!