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Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark Review

If ever there was a fearsome shark and shark rider, it is the Mega Mouth Shark by Imaginext. This toy has small parts so it’s not good for children under 3, but it is fine for somewhat older children, especially as it goes along with an entire Imaginext set of formidable pirate lairs, pirate ships, […]

Fisher-Price Imaginext Robo Batcave Review (The Ultimate Batman Toy?)

I really like Batman and Imaginext toys. I love how detailed these toys are and how much entertainment is packed into a small play set. So when I saw the Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Robo Batcave by Imaginext trending on Toys-R-Us’ website, I knew I had to see what the hype was about.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship

Fisher-Price has this great set out right now on their Imaginext line. It is pirate themed and ferocious looking. I have reviewed several pieces of this collectable set but I was most excited about getting to play with the Shark Bite Pirate Ship. As the largest part of this collection, it has many, many features […]

Fisher-Price Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair

I have been able to review several pieces to the pirate-themed Imaginext set by Fisher-Price. One of the coolest pieces of this set is the Fisher-Price Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair. This toy is very cool looking and has a lot of moving parts and accessories to keep children engaged.

Imaginext Power Rangers Green Ranger & Dragonzord RC

The Power Rangers were widely popular when I was a kid. I remember playing Power Rangers on the playground at recess all the time. Parts of the iconic Power Rangers were the Dragonzord. Fisher-Price Imaginext brings a blast from the past with the Power Rangers Green Ranger & Dragonzord RC.

Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Transforming Batbot

I am a huge fan of the DC comics and Marvel comic series. Batman tends to be a favorite among these for many kids. A caped vigilante with state-of-the-art gadgets and great fighting skills, what’s not to love? The Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Transforming Batbot encompasses all the things that make Batman cool […]

Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City

Kids love to watch their favorite superhero friends and they love playing with them even more! As a big DC and Marvel comics buff myself, I was excited to tear into the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City and start playing. This set is enormous in the box and offers a lot […]

Fisher-Price Imaginext Walking Croc and Pirate Hook

Fisher-Price and their Imaginext toy division have a great series of toys out right now centered on a pirate theme. Part of this fearsome set is the Imaginext Walking Croc and Pirate Hook. With the ability to fire his canon and walk like a real crocodile he is a very cool addition to this set […]