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20 Books That Help Parents Raise Grateful Kids

Happy people find the positive points in everyday life. Teaching our kids to express gratitude for the little things is more than just politeness; it sets them on a course to becoming content adults. Choose books or journals to help them develop this skill early.

37 Life-saving Toys for Parents with Kids That Have ADD or ADHD

You know your child better than anyone so you know what works for them. If your child has ADD or anything similar, you’ll know that keeping them focussed is key, but finding out what they like is trial and error. Get some inspiration from this list and you’ll soon have a calm, chilled out child.

23 Best Toys to Teach Responsibility and Accountability

From keeping tidy rooms to feeding the dog, kids will easily and gladly learn responsibility with the colorful, joyful collection of chore charts that beg for spaces where children frequently abide. Rewards, smiles, and hugs await for each notable achievement.