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39 Best Giant Stuffed Animals for Maximum Cuddles

These giant stuffed animals are covered in the softest plush and have amazingly detailed furs. Ideal for making any room the talk of the town or for giving your children something unique to cuddle up to on a cold night.

29 Peppa Pig Plushies They’ll Snort Over

TV favorite Peppa Pig comes to life for small fans in this comprehensive list of Peppa Pig plush toys containing a wide range of different characters and sizes of toy. These are perfect toys to cuddle and to hold forever.

20 Collectible Jurassic World Plush Toys (Love these Designs)

Before dinosaurs became popular what came to mind, when anyone would talk about dinosaurs, was cavemen. Now when people talk about dinosaurs we think about things like toys, Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, and other dinosaur things. The release of Jurassic World has brought us the latest new things, Jurassic World plush toys.

16 Cuddle-Worthy Animal Jam Plushies for Animal Jam Fans

The free online world of Animal Jam is not only fun but also educational. Your kids can learn about animals as they play. Why not give them some of these Animal Jam plush toys? You can learn with them and have fun with your children.

25 Cuddly Plush Rocking Horses (Comfortable, Soft and Fun)

If you received a plush rocking horse when you were a child, you’ll remember that moment forever. Laughter, exercise, and learning fill hours of fun and play. Your toddler will build motor skills, balance, and sing along with songs.

33 Adorable Pusheen Plushies (+ These Unique Keychains)

You can’t help but have noticed Plusheen toys everywhere you look, and that’s a good thing, because the world can never have too many cuddly plushie cats. Sporting all manner of guises, Plusheen makes the world a better place. Come and have a look!