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10 Gas Powered RC Cars for Beginners (Cheap and Fun)

Looking to feel the exhilaration of fast-paced motoring but refraining from the public roads? Satisfy your need for speed with this varied selection of gas powered RC cars which come in a price range to suit all pockets.

23 Fast RC Race Cars (For All Skill Levels)

Gone are the days when RC cars were slow, unattractive and horrid to drive. This list of highly refined fast RC race cars is the opposite. Nimble, super quick and highly durable; the perfect combination for an adrenaline fueled hobby.

21 Most Popular Traxxas RC Cars for All Budgets

When you’re looking for a remote control vehicle, it pays to look at Traxxas RC cars if you want quality and durability. From supercars to monster trucks, and everything in between, whatever style you want can be found under this iconic brand.

WowWee R.E.V. Car Vs. Drone Review

Since drones are becoming more popular among players and RC cars are a classic favorite, it begs the question, why not blend them? WowWee Brings us their R.E.V. collection in the form of Car Vs. Drone and I had the chance to play with them myself.

23 Coolest Remote Control Cars

The great thing about RC cars is how many different types there are out there. Some are meant for children, some are meant for car enthusiasts, some are meant for off roading, and some are even amphibious. This list has it all; you’re guaranteed to find something you love!