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Discovery Kids Dinosaur Excavation Kit (Dig Worthy?)

I love a good hands-on toy that involves mystery and science. The Discovery Kids Dinosaur Excavation Kit – Triceratops blends a science that is less often explored by little ones, Paleontology. This set is great because it teaches kids about the Triceratops and more about the science that is behind discovering dinosaurs and excavating fossils. […]

National Geographic Mega Fossil Mine (This One Was My Favorite!)

I was obsessed with Fossils when I was child, growing up in Michigan our state stone is a fossil so I enjoyed searching and looking for them on my many adventures. I compared this National Geographic Mega Fossil Mine with a Dr. Cool version of the Fossil kit. This one was my favorite!

National Geographic Mega Gemstone Mine (What’s Better?)

When I was a kid, I was convince if I searched my back yard hard enough, I would find Gold or some other precious stones. Although I never did, I had the chance this week to do a legitimate gemstone dig with the National Geographic Mega Gemstone Mine.

Kinetic Rock (Gross in a Really Bad Way)

I recently had my first experience with Kinetic Sand so when I saw Kinetic Rock I thought, “hey! Let’s try it!” I ordered and anxiously waited for my Kinetic Rock 3 pack with the Grey, Lava and Gold colors but I was disappointed by what I received.