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37 STEM Toys for Your Little Toddler Genius

This collection of STEM toddler toys will excite any young person into using their mind, being creative and developing motor skills. With education being so important to a toddler, begin early with this exciting list of varied but inspiring toys.

26 Mind-blowing Vex Robotics Kits That Inspire and Educate

This extensive list shows the most mind blowing Vex Robotics kits you can buy in the stores right now. From mechanical arms to space explorer bases, even a scaled down version of Archimedes Screw, you’ll find something to inspire your little genius.

29 Programmable Robots for Techy Kids

If your child is showing an interest in robots, why not introduce them to the world of programmable robots for kids? There are some seriously cool kits out there, for beginners right up to advanced roboteers, which will show you how to build and then program bots. There’s also a few DIY projects included in our list for you and your kids to get involved with.

26 Prehistoric STEM Toys for Dinosaur-Loving Kids

Don’t excavate the stores looking for Dinosaur toys anymore, this list has all you could ever need, and then some! Science, play time and huge scary beasts go hand in hand, or should I say claw in claw?

23 Innovative STEM Toys to Teach Coding Skills

Stimulating STEM skills with coding toys and games keeps learning fresh! Kids are technologically sophisticated, but they’re still kids! Learning logic and critical thinking is imperative for their future: We need to make sure they have fun and enjoy the present.

31 STEM Building Toys to Fuel Their Minds

Construct a craving for knowledge and help to develop your child’s STEM skills as they learn how to use their mind to build awesome stuff! Their imagination will run wild and keep them entertained for years with the following list.

28 STEM Toys for Rocket-Obsessed Youngsters

All the family will enjoy watching a rocket take off, especially if it’s one you’ve created and launched. Teach your children about the scientific methods behind rocket launches, build your own rockets using homemade rocket fuel (made from basic store cupboard staples) and even construct model rockets with the fun kits included within our list.

30 Science Toys and Kits for Smart Kids (Mom-Approved)

Keep science stimulating with a STEM science toy. Whatever their discipline – chemistry, biology, or physics – these fabulous kits will both entertain and educate, and start children off on a lifelong interest in science. From detailed to DIY, we have the lot!

32 Tech STEM Toys (That Prove Learning is Actually Fun)

Teach your team about tech with this list of STEM tech toys! Children can enter the world of programming, robotics and even electromagnets as they play and build. Start a lifelong passion and pave their future with a good education.

27 Brilliant STEM Toys That Teach Math Problem Solving

STEM toys are massive in education at the moment. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics and they’re widely used to help a child’s logic, creativity and problem solving, as well as the subject itself. We’ve got some of the best STEM toys around at the moment in this list so what are you waiting for?