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toys for 5 year olds

24 Cool Toys for Active 5 Year Old Boys (Our Favorites)

Active children can be difficult to keep entertained as they run from toy to toy; we’ve listed our favorite toys for 5 year old boys that will actually keep them fit and active, and more importantly keep their attention!

26 Word-Based Toys for Language Advanced 5 Year Olds

When you’re little, everything is exciting and new. Developing skills to read and write is a primary step toward independence. Choose from our list of learning toys for 5 year olds to help with word recognition, reading, and developing language skills.

36 Ride-on Toys for Really Active 5 Year Olds

When thinking of toys for 5 year olds, keep in mind the need for children to exert a lot of daily energy. Outdoor toys are great for this, and battery or pedal powered vehicles can be of great benefit to help children use up their energy.

26 Best Board Games to Help Developing 5 Year Olds

Having trouble finding an age-appropriate, yet still fun and engaging 5 year old’s game? Don’t worry, we’ve written this list that’s jam-packed full of amazing, educational games that they’re sure to love playing and learning with.