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toys for 7 year olds

20 Best Riding Toys for 7 Year Olds (Mom-Approved)

To give your child that extra dimension of freedom, check out this list of ride-on toys for 7 year olds which includes everything from the pedal karts and kick along scooters of yesterday, to the modern powered toys of today.

36 Books for 7 Year Olds with Developing Interests

Kids are always learning by asking questions about the world around them – the books for 7 year olds on this list focus on topics that will blow their minds, from how robots are made to how to do magic tricks.

36 Creative 7 Year Old Board Games to Play

There are lots of great 7 year old games out there. From old favorites to modern classics, there is something for everyone. Start a weekly family game night and pick some wild and crazy games from this list.