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toys for 8 year olds

20 Top Toys 8 Year Old Girls and Boys Will Love

Looking for great toys for 8 year olds? Check out this list of fun suggestions from LEGO to dolls, not to mention game and activity kits. Now is a good time to explore your child’s interests.

23 Toys to Help Your 8 Year Old Read Fluently

From metaphors, similes, and idioms, to punctuation, vowels, and consonants, grammar serves a purpose and creates great toys for 8 year olds. From board games, colorful cards, and silly sentences, to bookmarks, riddles, and reading lights, grammar geeks quietly rule.

20 Games That Will Make Your 8 Year Old Think

Kids love a challenge, don’t they? So take your pick of tricky, yet seriously fun games for 8 year olds from this super helpful list. Inside you’ll find new card games, and a twist on a few old faves like Battleship.

38 Most Popular Outdoor Toys for 8 Year Olds

Do you want to get your kids outside, having fun this summer? Check out this cool list of great outdoor toys for 8 year olds. Water slides, tether ball, sidewalk chalk, and more, mean there is something fun for everyone.

38 Bikes for Active 8 Year Olds (Get These Sizes)

Once they’re ready to ditch the training wheels, your child will need a more grown up bike. We’ve gathered together some of the best bikes for 8 year olds available at the moment, ready for you to pick one that’s suitable for your child and move them onto the next stage.

35 Hilarious Books to Make Your 8 Year Old Laugh

For the most hilarious books for 8 year olds, take a read of this cool list. With funny joke books, poems, and of course, we couldn’t write this list without throwing a few zombie-related titles in there, too.