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Toys for 9 Year Old Boys

Crayola Crayon Factory (Have Any Broken Crayons Laying Around?)

With all the hype surrounding the retiring of one color and introduction of another by the creators at Crayola. I thought it appropriate to create my own crayons with the Crayola Crayon Factory. This is simple toy but is packed with lots of play potential and creativity.

Girl Gourmet Chill Treats Dessert Maker (Does It Compare to Others?)

I have been on the hunt for a good, kid-friendly dessert set since my bad experience with the Cra-Z-Art Ice Cream Maker. This week I played with the Girl Gourmet Chill Treats Dessert Maker I had a lot more fun with this set. Not only did I have to supply minimal supplies but I also […]

Hasbro Egged On Game (Your Kids Will LOVE This Fun Game!)

Jimmy Fallon has started a new game on his show The Tonight Show. In the game, he has a random number of eggs, some are hard-boiled and some are not. He and the guest take turns smashing an egg against their head and if you get yolk on your face you lose. In the game […]

Magic Fidget Cube (What Would Your Favorite Fidget Side Be?)

This Summer I am on the hunt for the most unique and awesome Fidget Spinner toys I can find. This Fidget Dice toy is an alternative fidget toy with 12 options for fidgeting. It is medium and size and not the quietest toy so be mindful of that when shopping.

Ravensburger Funny Bunny Children’s Game Review

The 5 and older age range is a great time for kids to play board games with the family. I love finding games that are fun for everyone and include this young age group. The Ravensburger Funny Bunny – Children’s Game is a great addition to any family game arsenal and may be your welcome […]

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium (With Progress Update!)

I really like gardening and I love watching things grow. The Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium is a great, adorable, way to introduce kids to the science that goes behind plants and growing. This terrarium set is a lot of fun to put together and even more fun to watch blossom.

Eww Gross Hidden Object Search Adventure by Find it Games

If you are in the market for a quiet toy that is designed to keep your child entertained and engaged for a long car ride or waiting in the doctor’s office, or maybe even for yourself. The Find it Games – Eww Gross – The Original Hidden Object Search Adventure might be a good option […]

Googly Eyes Game (I’ll Show You What It’s Like!)

If you’ve ever played Pictionary, you will likely enjoy the new Googly Eyes Game. This family game combines the drawing portions of Pictionary with a twist. You have to wear sight altering glasses for a “beer goggle” type of effect and THEN draw!