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Toys for 9 Year Old Girls

Grossery Gang Season 2 Horrid Hot Dog Playset Review

I’ve played with a couple Grossery Gang Play sets and I am always impressed how they find new ways to make gross, fun. This week I played with the Grossery Gang Season 2 Horrid Hot Dog Playset. This playset had a unique play but I think the other playsets I’ve played with had more interactivity.

Star Wars Furbacca Furby Review (You Have To Check This Out!)

Furby has been around for a long time now, I had one when I was a kid and mine was no where near as cool as the new Star Wars Furbacca! Furbacca is projected to be the highest selling Furby ever made and it is little wonder with his iconic design, adorable sounds and dancing […]

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Review (Worth The Hype?)

If you thought the Hatchimals craze was done after the last holiday season, you weren’t even close! Playing off the hype that surrounded these adorable little creatures brings us a new series of blind, surprise egg collectibles in the form of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles.

Yeonha Toys Glow In The Dark Fiidget Spinner Toy (Different Enough?)

This summer I am on the hunt for the more unique and most awesome fidget spinner toys. This week I played with a classic styled spinner with an interesting twist. The Yeonha Toys Glow In The Dark Fiidget Spinner Toy, is well balanced, smooth and glows in the dark for an added bonus.

Hatchimals EGGventure Game (A Perfect Gift for Any Hatchimals Fan)

I had the opportunity to play with the Hatchimals EGGventure Game this week and I got 4 new exclusive CollEGGtibles. This game is very cute and actually does a good job of teaching all the names of the Hatchimals and which collections they are from, it makes a good reference for a collector of this […]

The Grossery Gang Series 2- Icky Pops (The Best Grossery Gang Set?)

I have played with the Grossery Gang collectibles before, namely the Mushy Slushie set, Moldy Chips and Crunchy Munch collections. I was excited to play with more Grossery Gang characters with Series 2- Icky Pops. I wasn’t disappointed by my 16 new friends and even found an ‘ultra rare’ character!

SmartLab Toys All Natural Spa Lab (Extra Shopping Required?)

When I saw a Spa and beauty based science kit I was super excited to get it home and get started on a day of pampering. However, when I got it opened and realized that I couldn’t do any of the experiments without a lengthy shopping trip, I was extremely disappointed.

Shopkins Shoppies Lippy Lulu’s Beauty Boutique Playset

The Shopkins Shoppies Lippy Lulu’s Beauty Boutique is my first experience with the Shopkins Shoppies collection. I really liked Lippy LuLu and all the adorable little accessories. My favorite part was the adorable little lip stick’s and the exclusive Shopkins included!  

Seedling Design Your Own Headphones (A Fun DIY Kit?)

I love a good crafting toy and I love the concept behind the Seedling Design Your Own Headphones. Not only do I get to craft but I get to use my creation for something I love, listening to my favorite tunes!