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30 Unique Educational Toys of 2018 for Curious Girls and Boys

Educational toys are a great way for your curious children to learn new things. They’re not going to remember what you’ve taught them if they weren’t having fun, and is there a better way to have fun than to play with some awesomely unique toys?

9 Most Epic and Unique Ride-on Toys for Girls (Best of the Best)

Move over bikes, there’s new ride on toys for girls on the block and we’ve rounded up just a few of them. They make perfect birthday or Christmas gifts and they can do so much more – such as drifting and spinning – than the two wheeled bicycles she’s used to.

39 Top Toys for 6 Year Old Girls That Don’t Suck

There are a lot of underwhelming kids’ toys on the market, from poor quality to boring games, and it can be hard to find something they’ll like. That’s why we’ve put together our list of the top toys for 6 year old girls that don’t suck.

39 Best Toys for Girls and Boys Obsessed with Unicorns

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll have seen that these majestic horned creatures are currently taking over the planet, so if you need a gift idea that’s bound to please, you’re sure to find it amongst these magical unicorn toys.

30 Cool Backpacks for Girls Who Hate Pink and Purple

Check out these backpacks for girls that vary from the norm in both size and color. Your young lady will be inspired by the variety on offer and by the sheer quality of both the design of the bag and its finish.