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28 STEM Toys for Rocket-Obsessed Youngsters

All the family will enjoy watching a rocket take off, especially if it’s one you’ve created and launched. Teach your children about the scientific methods behind rocket launches, build your own rockets using homemade rocket fuel (made from basic store cupboard staples) and even construct model rockets with the fun kits included within our list.

30 Science Toys and Kits for Smart Kids (Mom-Approved)

Keep science stimulating with a STEM science toy. Whatever their discipline – chemistry, biology, or physics – these fabulous kits will both entertain and educate, and start children off on a lifelong interest in science. From detailed to DIY, we have the lot!

32 Tech STEM Toys (That Prove Learning is Actually Fun)

Teach your team about tech with this list of STEM tech toys! Children can enter the world of programming, robotics and even electromagnets as they play and build. Start a lifelong passion and pave their future with a good education.

32 STEM Toys for Kids Into Engineering (And Building Things)

Are you looking for STEM engineering toys that are both fun and educational? Look no further than our comprehensive list which contains kits to support every aspect of STEM learning, with exciting machines, robots, and even tutorials for ones you can make at home.