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Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

20 Magically Delicious Unicorn Ice Cream Treats

Unicorns add enchantment and intrigue to anything and everything. If you want to taste that magic as well as see it, try one or more of these brilliant unicorn birthday party ideas, which all use ice cream in beautiful pastel hues to create the most magically delicious ice cream treats, because no matter how old […]

19 Adorable Unicorn Cookies That Taste As Good As They Look

These adorable cookies are a great unicorn birthday party idea as each and every one of them are spectacular in appearance, and use all the colors of the rainbow to really make them stand out. From simple sprinkled sugar cookies to unicorn piñata cookies which actually poop, this selection of treats will take any party […]

11 OMG-yummy Rainbow Unicorn Drinks Both Kids and Adults Can Enjoy

When thinking of unicorn birthday party ideas, you need to come up with some mythical, magical foods and drinks to match the theme. The rainbow colored drinks in this fantasy-inspired list are so OMG-yummy that the adults will enjoy them as much as the kids, and what’s more, most of them are wonderfully healthy, too.

12 Unicorn Party Games All Kids Will Love

A party isn’t complete without a few fun activities, and this list will fill you with inspiration as it contains some great ideas for unicorn party games that all kids will love. Some are art-and-crafty, while others explore the world of science, and mixed up in that lot are games which are based on the […]

32 Awesome Unicorn Birthday Party Decorations – DIY Party Decor Ideas

You could just decorate the room in pinks, blues, and purples and it would be unicorn-themed, but we know you want to make it extra special. That’s why we’ve brought together this collection of THE most awesome unicorn birthday party decorations, which you can make at home. From piñatas which are too cute to bash, […]

14 YUM-worthy Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes Anyone Can Make

These totally yum-worthy unicorn cupcakes might look intimidating, but they’re actually really simple – so simple, in fact, that anyone can make them; the secret is in the colors used, the sparkles added, and the added pinch of fairytale magic. There are cakes piled high with creamy delights, and others with a hidden stash of […]

18 Unique Rainbow Unicorn Cake Ideas for the Most Magical Birthday Ever

Are you looking for a recipe for a unique unicorn cake to make their next birthday magical? If so, you’ve come to the right place, because these make-at-home cake ideas are ideal for everyone, from the complete novice to contenders for the Great British Bake Off. Plus, they cover everything from simple but stunning unicorn […]