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16 NEW VTech Toys for 2016

VTech is a world leader in educational toys, with an emphasis on the latest technology and gadgets. The award winning company bring together electronics, science and learning toys to entertain children of all ages, from infants up to teenagers. Here are 16 new Vtech toys for 2016. (Read this next: 26 Best Tech Toys of […]

Vtech Bizzy Mix and Move Robot

Most children really like music and dancing. This is very true of my son as well. The Vtech Bizzy Mix and Move Bot is great for this purpose while also allowing fun playtime. Children can dance along with the Vtech Bizzy Mix and Move Bot and help him get dressed for many adventures by mixing […]

Vtech Brilliant Baby Laptop

Young children love to emulate their parents and since a lot of us are admittedly more “plugged in” than we would like to be, it’s only natural that our small children express an interest in electronics. Smart phones, laptops, tablets, you name it, they want it. I assume I am like most parents in that […]

Vtech Twinkle the Magical Unicorn

Magical toys are great for imaginative play and toys that can move and sing songs like the Go Go smart friends Twinkle the Magical Unicorn are even better. Kids can enjoy feeding Twinkle and watch her walk along the floor with the friend the fairy princess Prisma for hours without getting bored of her.