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300+ Awesome Games, Toys and Gifts for 10 Year Olds

38 Top Toys 10 Year Old Boys and Girls Will Obsess Over (Must-Try)

You’ll be sure to find the perfect toys for 10 year olds in this cool list. Inside is every toy they could possibly dream of, from fashion designing kits to super awesome Transformers figurines, and even twisty, windy racetracks that you can switch up every time you play – neat, hey?

39 Best Toys for 10 Year Old Girls – Age-Appropriate Toys and Gifts

Are you having trouble finding the best, fun toys for 10 year olds? Well, luckily for you, you’ve found the right place! Inside are many great finds, from funky hand puppets to spooky Monster High dolls, and the most adorable plush puppies that no one could resist giving a big cuddle.

39 Genius Toys and Gifts Your 10 Year Old Boy Will Love (Top Picks)

Action figures, gaming consoles, LEGO sets, scooters and more await you in this huge collection of toys for 10 year old boys. With everything on the list hand selected specifically for 10 year olds, you can shop for their next gift with confidence and ease. Perfect!

39 Cool Gifts for 10 Year Olds That They’ll Actually Use

This list of toys for 10 year olds runs the gamut from figurines and elaborate build kits, to hilarious board games and electronics, so there is something for every child’s interest. Whether they are young scientists, gamers, fashion designers, or artists, you will find a great suggestion here.

39 Toys Your 10 Year Old Will Learn A Lot From

From growing crystals, to programming robots, you will be able to do a whole lot of fun stuff if you pick something up from this collection of toys for 10 year olds. With tons of gift ideas that are all educational in one shape or form, you can rest easy knowing they are having fun and learning.

39 Age-Appropriate 10 Year Old Board Games (These are Epic!)

Games are some of the best toys for 10 year olds. Nothing else lends itself to the variety of options as much as games. From immersive fantasy, battling armies and conquering worlds, to classic family favorites, like Monopoly and Scrabble, there are great choices for every taste. They all guarantee fun!

50 Popular Books 10 Year Olds Will Choose for Themselves

When looking for toys for 10 year olds, you probably don’t even think about books, but they’re the most entertaining of all, as they take them into a magical world of fun, imagination and wonder, without even having to leave their seat. Why not have a seat yourself and take a read through this list?

32 Cool Bikes Your 10 Year Old Will Be Really Into

Wondering about the best toys for 10 year olds? Think “bicycles.” From sporty to stylish and everything in between, this list contains a variety of styles and designs for both girls and boys that is sure to please. Every kid needs a cool bike to ride around the neighborhood, so check these out.

32 Ride-on Toys for 10 Year Olds That Don’t Suck

As your moppet becomes increasingly buried in wireless devices, your priority is to gift them with outdoor toys for 10 year olds. Whether it’s a scooter, a dune buggy, or a hoverboard, your youngster will soon appreciate fresh air, exercise, and the spirit of competition as their friends join them.

38 Awesome Gifts to Give a 10 Year Old Boy – Innovative and Classic

There are thousands of gifts for 10 year olds on the market, based on tried-and-tested, classic toys or toys that use the latest technology. This list will help you to decide what to put in your basket, including board games, games consoles and even retro video games that have been given a reboot.

39 Girl-Approved Gifts for 10 Year Olds – Gift Ideas for Girls

There’s something magical about crossing the threshold from childhood to “tween-age” when we leave 9 behind and advance to double digits. It’s exciting to be 10 and even more fun to find gifts for 10 year olds. This list has building sets, collectibles, games, and dolls among other items chosen to appeal to budding maturity.

39 Cool Outdoor Toys for Picky 10 Year Olds

Engaging toys can be hard to find for the pre-teen child, but this range of toys for 10 year olds will lead them outside to enjoy the summer sun and to engage in play with their friends and family. From water blasters to family games, these ideas will inspire you.

39 Toys for Athletic 10 Year Olds

Educational toys are great, but sometimes you just have to play! This list of sporty toys for kids has something for everyone, from Basketball to Badminton and Football to Field Hockey, plus just some old fashioned games for outdoor fun. Whether it is the backyard or the beach, give the gift of fun this summer.

36 Small and Unusual Gifts for 10 Year Olds

Gifts for 10 year olds do not have to be huge or mainstream to be awesome. On the following page you will find yourself surrounded by some of the best compact yet cool toys and gifts that 10 year olds everywhere would appreciate. Simply flick through and see what you find.