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275+ Age-Appropriate Toys and Gifts for 11 Year Olds

31 Best Toys for 11 Year Old Girls and Boys with All Interests and Hobbies

When choosing toys for 11 year olds, it can be difficult to know what their tastes and fancies are at this changing time of life. Thankfully, this comprehensive list has many options for you to peruse giving a range of items at varying degrees of expense.

36 Cool Toys and Gifts for Independent 11 Year Old Girls – Best of the Best

We all remember what it was like to be in that awkward tween phase, right? Not a child but also not quite a teenager? Try and make it easy for her by getting her gifts which are thoughtful and not childish.

23 Epic Gifts and Toys for 11 Year Old Boys (These are Awesome)

When kids reach that pre-teen age, their tastes become more extravagant and you can be lost in finding something that will please and excite them. This list of toys for 11 year olds hits the mark in both these areas and comes with a large range of options and price tags.

29 Gifts for 11 Year Olds That They Really Need

Toys are easy to find, but what about more practical gifts that will actually be used and appreciated? Check out this list of great options like athletic shoes, swim suits, boots, electronics, hair accessories, and more. There is something fun here for every child.

36 Science-Based Educational Toys for Smart 11 Year Olds

These science-based toys will have them light-up with glee as they dive into the wonderful experiments. With so many kits to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect set to challenge your clever-clogs, and we’re sure they’ll most definitely welcome it with eager arms.

25 Must-Play 11 Year Old Board Games (Fun and Inventive)

What’s better than a fun board game? From modern favorites to beloved classics, there are lot of great games out there these days. From pure luck to white knuckle strategy, these are easy-to-learn games that every child will love. Pick up a few for your next Family Game Night.

22 Good Books for 11 Year Olds Going Through Big Change

This age-appropriate book list includes a wide range of self-help, skill-building, and practical life-advice books that kids will appreciate.

21 Best Bikes and Bike Sizes for 11 Year Olds

With so many colors and styles, there is sure to be the perfect bike for your child on this comprehensive list of age-appropriate bikes.

28 Ride-on Toys Your 11 Year Old Will Actually Use

As kids get older so their toys become larger and more expensive, leaving parents with difficult decisions over what purchases to make. This list includes scooters and skateboards that will give your tween active fun but will also be a quality purchase.

24 Age-Appropriate Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys – Good Gift Ideas

Those pesky “tween-age” years make choosing gifts for 11 year olds more complicated than it should be. They’re not quite teenagers, but they’re not small children requiring constant supervision, either. Sometimes they want a simple toy, other times the wish list requires an advanced degree to comprehend. Fear not – if they want it, we have it.

25 Gifts That All 11 Year Old Girls Have on Their Lists

When you’re a kid, you look forward to the day when “adult supervision” isn’t required. You long for the moment when you can exert a little independence, make a few choices on your own, and maybe a mistake or two. We have gift ideass that allow them a little more breathing room.

42 Outdoor Toys for 11 Year Olds That Aren’t Lame

If you know a 6th grader who can’t sit still, have a look at this list to keep them entertained outdoors. From giant, neon chalks to liven up the sidewalk to cool hoverboards for cruising around the neighborhood, they won’t get bored with these toys.

23 Gifts to Help Your 11 Year Old Get Through 6th Grade

There are lots of amazing gifts that will help them tackle 6th grade with success. Check out this list of stylish lunch bags and backpacks, inspirational books, journals, study guides, electronics, and more. The tween years can be difficult – make their path smoother with one or more of these thoughtful options.

39 Fun and Stylish Sports Gear for 11 Year Olds

Are you looking for a gift for an 11 year old who’s athletic loves their sport? It can be hard knowing what to choose, so take a look through this list, which covers a variety of sports. Choose from head gear, leg gear, cool sports equipment and the trendiest athletic gear.