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210+ Most Popular Toys and Gifts for 12 Year Olds

Wether your teen is a book nerd, health nut or musical prodigy, we have the best toys and unique gifts for every 12 year old boy and girl on your list.

34 Creative Toys for 12 Year Old Girls (+ Unique Gift Ideas)

Finding cool, unique and helpful toys for 12 year olds can be difficult – they’re too old for most toys (or at least they think they are), but still enjoy playing… even if that’s with the latest technology. Check out the ideas on this list from a Bluetooth karaoke microphone to wireless on-ear headphones.

34 Clever Toys and Unique Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

Whether they like to play with old-fashioned toys or newfangled gadgets, there are toys in this list that will bring hours of fun whatever their interests, from a slingshot made from a tree branch to robots that can be controlled using their cellphones.

39 Good Gifts for 12 Year Olds That Don’t Suck

Video games, target blasters, styling trends – 12 year old toys today are so sophisticated and fun, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one. No matter what your youngster finds entertaining, we’re sure to have a gift to meet his or her high expectations. Read on, oh valued and discerning shopper – find your treasure!

24 Educational Toys Any Tech-Savy 12 Year Old Will Love

Do you need some educational toy ideas for your 12 year olds? If you’re struggling with knowing what to buy your pre teen, we’ve done all the hard work for you. In this list, there’s some of the best educational toys available at the moment which are loads of fun to build and play with.

35 Unique Board Games to Get Your 12 Year Old

Whether they like the classics or prefer epic world-building adventures, there is a game they will love; from counting on steely-eyed strategy to pure luck, it all spells “fun.”

39 Must-Read Books for 12 Year Olds

Why give them a toy they will tire of when you can send them on an epic quest back in time to ancient lands or forward to the future? The suggestions on this list range from mystery to adventure and everything in between.

39 Best Products and Top Toys for 12 Year Old Boys and Girls

We’re not superman, but we’re certainly here to save your day and help you out with this list of wow-worthy toys for 12 year olds. We understand parents’ lives are busy, so you’re not going to have the spare time to spend toy shopping; instead, just sit back and read this list!

34 Original Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls – Unique and Fun Ideas

Take a look at these fabulous gift ideas – even the fussiest teen will fall in love with these as there’s something to suit everyone, from kid makeup sets, delightful bedroom decor like pretty rainbow pillows and cat lamps, to a ball you can make your own yummy ice-cream in.

34 Great Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys He’ll Actually Use

No matter what they’re into, you’re bound to find the coolest of cool gifts for 12 year olds here. We know they can be hard to please, which is why only the most impressive gifts have been listed, but there’s no need to thank us, just enjoy the huge smiles they’ll give you.

23 Innovative and Fun Ride-on Toys for 12 Year Olds

As children get bigger, so their toys become proper modes of transport rather than push about items for the garden. This range of ride on toys will have them travelling about the neighborhood in style and comfort just like their older counterparts.

34 Outdoor Toys and Gear Your 12 Year Old Will Love

Your kid probably spends more time in front of the TV or video games than you’d like. Lure them out into the sunshine with some fun outdoor games and toys. There’s some fantastic pool toys in here or maybe they’d like a Swingball set? Whatever you choose, they’re sure to thank you for it.

28 Funny Gag Gifts for 12 Year Olds

These awesome gift ideas are not only cool, but are hilarious as well. If you want to make your teen laugh, get them these!

24 Noteworthy Gifts for 12 Year Old Book Nerds

Do you have a bookworm child? Someone who loves anything to do with reading and books? If that sounds like your kid, check out this list. It’s got a whole range of book themed gifts, which they’ll get a load of use out of when they’re reading their favorite books.

27 Bikes for 12 Year Olds That Don’t Suck

These brilliant bikes are guaranteed to get them some fresh air, keep them active, and ensure that they have a ton of fun for years to come.

Wether your teen is a book nerd, health nut or musical prodigy, we have the best toys and unique gifts for every 12 year old boy and girl on your list.