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40 Must-Have Toys for 2 Year Old Boys – Best Toys for Healthy Development

Toys for 2 year old boys can be difficult to find as the child is crossing from that toddling stage to becoming a little man. Fear not, as this list gives a great selection of toys from cars to crafts, trikes to board games, all of which will stir the imagination.

Check out our varied list of toys for 2 year old boys that they'll want to play with all year long.

8 Best Toys for Healthy Physical, Emotional and Cognitive Development in 2 Year Olds

1. Toddler Climbing Toys

toddler climbing toys

Is your toddler always on the move? Toddler climbing toys build motor skills and coordination–and they keep toddlers busy for quite a while. If you find yourself faced with a 2 year old with seemingly endless energy, climbing toys are a great way to keep him occupied while still developing key motor skills. Toddler climbing toys also serve as a form of exercise while developing his physical strength and coordination.

2. Building Blocks

building blocks

Building blocks are a must-have when it comes to incorporating learning into fun and exciting activities. Building blocks help toddlers have better spatial awareness, understand basic building principles, learn math fundamentals, and develop hand-eye coordination. (1) They are invaluable to parents and educators alike, and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.

3. Musical Instruments

musical instruments for toddlers

Open up your child to a world of creative abilities through musical instruments and music appreciation. Studies show that exposure to music in early childhood resulted in improved auditory and motor skills. (2) Musical tunes have the power to augment his other activities, making them more fun and interesting. Also, music can be a source of relaxation, or a clear sign that it’s time to wind down and get ready for bed. At 2 years old, it’s a good time to establish some routines and start teaching basic rules, and music can play a part in that.

4. Animal Figures

stuffed animals for 2 year olds

Is your little boy fond of story time? If he is, make sure to have some animal figures on hand to give his imagination and senses something to play around with. There’s nothing quite like seeing and feeling something tangible to help bring a story to life. In doing so, you would be improving his verbal communication skills not to mention his creativity. Social interaction is likewise enhanced, especially when playing and sharing with other kids.

5. Arts and Crafts

arts and crafts

Toddlers have an endless amount of energy, so it can be challenging for them to sit still for any length of time. One way to keep them occupied is to challenge them with arts and crafts projects that challenge their creativity, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. These activities entail smaller, more precise movements, so toddlers will also learn patience, attention to detail, and dexterity.

6. Push Toys

toddler push toys

Little boys are a force to be reckoned with. Along with their energy, they’ll also have a surprising amount of strength. As they learn to use their feet, legs, arms and hands more efficiently, expect them to be crawling, climbing and standing all over the place. Once they’re confident in their ability to stand, they’ll want to walk and push or pull things along with them. Push toys were designed for this purpose, and are meant to help with balance, coordination and physical strength. (3)

7. Interactive Picture Books

books for 2 year old boys

Learning is made fun thanks to flip up pages, textures, bright photographs, and other techniques designed to catch the eye of any 2 year old. Interactive picture books encourage young boys to explore their imagination and to learn how to make sense of letters and sounds. Comprehension is developed at this age so make sure your toys and gift ideas reflect this crucial stage in their development.

8. Toy Vehicles

toy vehicles

Have you ever seen a curious little boy pick up a toy car for the first time? Do you remember the look on his face when it zooms across the floor faster than his eyes can follow? Toddlers are extremely curious, so it’s not entirely difficult to catch their attention. However, it’s important that all their toys are deemed toddler-safe and free of small parts. Larger toys are great for helping them learn hand manipulation and dexterity, while smaller toy vehicles are more appropriate for older boys.

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