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50 Bestselling Toys for 2 Year Old Girls (Moms Love These)

The best toys for 2 year old girls almost always have an element of fun and learning bundled together. That’s because these early stages are crucial for development. They experience rapid physical, social, emotional and cognitive changes that happen almost too quickly for parents to keep up with. Those changes, combined with more independence and self-expression equals what most people know as the “terrible twos”. To keep up with this demanding stage of her development, educational toys for girls can be an indispensable part of the teaching equation.

Fortunately, we have an extensive list of the best toys and gift ideas in every category that take your toddler’s needs into account.

1. Interactive Picture Books

books for 2 year old girls

Interactive picture books introduce to the 2-year-old the wealth of knowledge, information, and entertainment contained in books. The many formats of interactive picture books, both electronic and non-electronic, provide enhancements that are designed to encourage young girls to explore children’s literature. (1) Since her comprehension is developed in this stage as well as her understanding of basic storylines, books are an excellent tool to have by her bedside for some light reading.

2. Building Blocks

toddler building toys

Building blocks are invaluable toys that provide many learning activities for 2 year olds. Among the many developmental benefits are hand-eye coordination, learning math fundamentals, understanding basic building principles, enhancing fine motor skills and understanding spatial awareness. (2) It can also be a great solo activity that will enhance her creative skills.

3. Push Toys

push toys for 2 yr old

Push toys provide not just fun playtime, but also an activity that builds many developmental milestones. They will help her figure out how to shift her weight from foot to foot, how to gauge her strength to lift objects, and how to use her body to move things from point A to point B. General body strength is likewise developed, especially in both her legs and upper body. (3)

4. Musical Instruments

toddler musical instruments

Musical instruments open up your child to music appreciation and playing instruments. Music appreciation is a natural mood enhancer and relieves stress well, so she can music as a form of winding down or as a creative outlet. This type of gift augments many games and activities too, so be prepared for her to combine music with her other favorite activities. This will fine-tune her auditory skills, not to mention her memory and patience. (4)

5. Toddler-Safe Toy Vehicles

toy vehicles

Toddler safe toy vehicles are a great learning toy for 2-year-old girls as they help promote fine motor skills like hand manipulation, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. Her coordination such as moving the hands and legs with confidence is also improved. Understanding motor vehicles, their importance, and potential danger can be introduced early on with this gift. Spatial intelligence is also developed as she visually calculates distances.

6. Animal Figures

2 year old girl animal figures

Animal figures are an excellent gift idea to help introduce your little girl to the world of nature and the animal kingdom. These animal figure toys stimulate creativity and imagination to help bring her thoughts to life. Playing with animals will also improve her verbalization, as your child will learn to memorize and say the various names of the animals in her collection. Social interaction is likewise enhanced.

7. Toddler Arts and Crafts

toddler arts and crafts

Arts and crafts projects do wonders for advancing fine motor skills, manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. On the creative side, these activities would also help her identify colors and shapes. Expect her to explore different mediums and tools on almost every available surface in the house, so be prepared for a bit of clean-up afterwards.

8. Toddler Climbing Toys

toddler climbing toys

Toddler climbing toys primarily build muscle development and coordination. As a result, these toys will enhance her physical health as a form of exercise while also allowing her to develop confidence in her newfound abilities. It may be a little nerve wracking to see your toddler using climbing toys but they are certainly worth it in the long run, especially once they fine tune their decision making and problem solving skills.

Bestselling Gifts and Toys for 2 Year Old Girls in All Categories

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Treat your toddler to a terrific toy from this list of toys for 2 year old girls, and watch as she beams with pride.

2 Year Old Milestones

A 2 year old’s milestones can be generally categorized into movement, verbal, cognition, and socio-emotional achievements. Among these are the following (but not limited to):

Movement Milestones:

  • She can walk and run
  • She can climb simple toys and furniture and go up stairs
  • She can bring toys around with her
  • She can brush her teeth
  • She can manipulate kitchen or bathroom fixtures like handles
  • She can hold utensils of her own

Verbal Milestones:

  • She can speak in short, sometimes broken sentences
  • She can identify by name familiar people and objects
  • She will constantly ask “why” and “what” questions
  • She will repeat some words that she hears from you

Cognitive Milestones:

  • She can group things with common qualities like color or shape
  • She can sing simple tunes or recite children’s rhymes
  • She can reference the recent past
  • She can follow simple directions

Socio-emotional Milestones:

  • She may begin to enjoy playing with other people and kids
  • She may begin to show frustration in not learning things fast enough
  • She may start to realize some of her independence
  • She may start to challenge authority by not following adults

Toddlers go through so many rapid changes at the 2 year mark, so it helps to have all the tools you could possibly need to set them up for success. Entertainment, educational toys, and communication between you and your toddler are key to avoiding the “terrible twos”. With a bit of preparation, you can turn those tantrums into valuable learning opportunities.


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