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285+ Must-Have Toys to Help Your 3 Year Old Learn and Grow

105 Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys and Girls (Fuel Thier Independent Self)

If you’re here because you have a 3 year old that’s due some cool new toys, then you’ve found the right list for you. There’s toys that suit every child here, from pretend play kitchen playsets to paintbrush sets for those budding artists and even adorable princess dress up kits.

28 Unique Games for 3 Year Olds to Develop Much Needed Life Skills

Board games are a fantastic way of bringing the family together for some fun and bonding time, and a great way of getting your toddlers concentrating, learning and playing with friends, siblings or even their parents (let’s face it, parents enjoy those silly little games just as much as they do!).

20 Toys and Tools to Teach Your 3 Year Old Healthy Habits and Nutrition

Toys for 3-year olds encourage pretend play and imagination, cognitive and social development, enhance language and communication skills, and learning. All these things come together to empower children and encourage further learning and play. The opportunities we provide our children in their learning and development will help them thrive in life.

32 Effective Potty Training Charts, Books and Tools (Try These)

A day in the life of a toddler is very busy, from learning new words to potty training – and having fun of course. This list will help keep them entertained, while the aids for toilet training will also encourage their development.

37 Hands-On Toys Your 3 Year Old Will Use to Develop Fine Motor Skills

The best toys for fine motor devlopment and skill-building.

27 Fun Activities and Toys to Increase Your 3 Year Olds Gross Motor Skills

Keep them entertained for hours and assist with gross motor skill development.

50 Coolest Toys for 3 Year Olds

The first few years of a child’s life are important as they pave the way for the rest of their development. If your little one is at the age of 3, then it is imperative that you fill their bedroom using this list of toys that will help them play and learn.

Best toys and gift ideas for 3 year old boys and girls.