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57 Mind-Blowing Toys for 4 Year Old Boys – Unique Gifts for 4 Year Old

Shopping for gifts and toys 4 year old boys doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. We have dozens upon dozens of fantastic gift ideas that will inspire creativity in young kids, and most importantly, help them along when it comes to hitting all of their important developmental milestones. If you need a bit of inspiration when it comes to deciding what to get for your little guy, make sure to browse through this list.

Make sure to get the best toys for 4 year old boys by ensuring they will learn, have fun, and increase their skills all through play time.

1. Toys to Build Language Skills

language building toys

By the age of 4, your child should be able to say his name, speak between 250 and 500 words, tell stories, and be able to answer simple questions. While all kids hit different linguistic milestones at different times, you can still help to make sure that he’s hitting all of these important milestones by choosing toys that help with building language skills. These gifts work great for boosting vocabulary, introducing new language concepts, and improving cognitive functioning.

2. Tricycles


One of the biggest milestones for little boys is the very first time that they ride their bicycles on their own. Help him along the way this holiday season by starting him out with a tricycle. They’re the perfect gift idea for taking those first steps (or pedals, rather), as tricycles can help little boys with the development of different muscle groups while also improving balance, motor skills, and spatial awareness.

3. Age-appropriate Board Games

4 year old games

Spend some quality family time away from screens with activities that everyone will enjoy. An evening spent playing age-appropriate board games together isn’t just a ton of fun for the whole family, it’s actually a great way to help him with quite a few important developmental milestones. Board games have been found to help kids feel more motivated, recognize and consider the concepts of following rules, recognize patterns, and develop long-term critical thinking. (1)

4. Books About Emotions

books about emotions

An undeniable fact of childhood is that our little ones go through a huge variety of emotions on a constant, daily basis. These constantly changing emotions can be overwhelming for some 4 year olds. If that sounds like your little boy, you can help him to process all of his new thoughts and feelings by gifting him a set of books about emotions that will help to teach him that it’s okay to think and feel a variety of different ways, as well as teaching him healthier ways to express those emotions.

5. Duplo


There are hundreds of little milestones that parents watch out for as their little ones grow up over the years. One of the most underrated moments is definitely the first time that he manages to put two blocks together. From there, it’s only a matter of time before his imagination will have him building the most grand inventions. Lego DUPLO toys are a great way for him to get started, as DUPLO uses bigger blocks that are easier for 4 year olds to assemble.

6. Electronic Learning Toys

electronic learning toys

Not all screen time has to be bad screen time. If you’re going to let your 4 year old use electronic screens, you might as well make it time well spent by looking into a few electronic learning toys for a gift. While there is still definitely a bit of controversy surrounding the benefits of electronic screens, the fact remains that there are indeed some solid benefits for kids, especially if it helps him to stay engaged and motivated with his learning. (2)

7. Dinosaur Toys

dinsoaur toys

Help to bring out your 4 year old’s inner paleontologist with this great selection of dinosaur toys. Not only can dinosaur toys be quite educational as they can help him to learn about all of the different dino species out there, but they can also encourage the development of both fine and gross motor skills, creative thinking, and even help with expressing different emotions (making herbivores run away in fear from meat eaters, for example).

8. Table Manner Toys and Books

table manner toys and books

Being able to demonstrate proper table manners (and manners in general) is an important part of growing up that all little boys will need to get the hang of. Try giving him one of these books or toys that are all about learning table manners to help him get a headstart on mastering his manners. These books make learning how to properly act at the dinner table a fun educational experience that will have your friends and family complimenting your 4 year old’s table manners in no time!

9. Musical Toys

muscial toys for boys

It’s seriously impressive how children are able to identify the rhythm and beats in music from such an early age. Help to encourage his interest in music with this great selection of musical toys. They will help to increase his sensory development, build hand eye coordination, and even help with developing numeracy, literacy, and vocabulary.

10. Age-appropriate Card Games

4 year old card games

One of the oldest games of leisure in existence, card games are great for 4 year old boys, so long as you stick with age-appropriate games. Handling a set of cards will help him to develop his fine motor skills, while counting out numbers and sequences will go a long way towards developing early math skills. On top of that, card games can help boost memory, long-term strategizing, and of course, help with the development of those crucial social skills when playing with others.

11. Pretend Play Costumes

pretend play costumes

Pretend play is one of the best ways to encourage your 4 year old’s creative thinking and help him to develop his social skills. Dressing up and roleplaying with costumes will let him pretend to be a dragon, a firefighter, a superhero, or whatever else your little one might be into. Besides just letting him have a ton of fun, dressing up in costumes will help to engage his brain and memory, develop critical problem solving skills, and even help with his emotional development.

12. Bedtime Books

bedtime books

Not every parent ends up getting lucky when it comes to the sleep patterns and habits of their children. For every parent whose child sleeps soundly through the night, there’s yet another who is up all throughout the night comforting their little one. Studies have found that one of the best ways to help children with difficulty sleeping is to develop a consistent bedtime routine that you stick to each and every night. This carefully selected list of bedtime books will go a long way towards helping your 4 year old to develop his own bedtime ritual.

13. Ride-n Toys

ride on toys for 4 year olds

When it comes to toys that help your little boy develop in multiple areas at once, it’s hard to beat ride-on toys. They work amazingly well for building up both gross and fine motor skills, balance, spatial awareness, and self-confidence. Ride-on toys are also great for developing a sense of exploration, encouraging your little one to build up his independence.

14. Giant Stuffed Animals

giant stuffed animals

Nurturing a positive emotional environment is of the utmost importance when it comes to raising our kids. Aside from the obvious bond that children form with their parents and siblings from the very start, one of the earliest emotional bonds that many children will make it with a preferred stuffed animal. Help your little guy to manage his emotions comfortably by picking him up a brand new stuffed animal friend this holiday season.

15. Drawing Books

drawing books and toys

There aren’t very many better ways to help your little man build his confidence than by watching his drawing skills improve over time. Drawing books are perfect for helping him to explore his creativity and his artistic side, while also developing the fine motor skills in his hands, fingers, and wrists. On top of that, practising drawing will also help him to develop his focus and concentration, two skills that will help him out greatly as he approaches school age.

16. Toys to Learn Personal Care

personal care toys

Being able to take care of yourself and practice proper personal hygiene are important milestones for little boys to hit as they grow up. Sometimes, they just need a little bit of help with mastering the basics though, and that’s where these handy toys that help to teach personal care come into play. Whether it’s developing the habit of brushing his teeth or learning about the importance of bathtime, these toys will have him covered.

17. Dance Toys and Games

dance toys

Get your little guy up and moving with these dancing toys and games. One of the biggest downsides to all of the conveniences of modern life is how sedentary many people are becoming. Keep your 4 year old engaged and active with these great toys that will help him with developing everything from his cognitive skills, to his fine and gross motor skills, all the way to his social skills.

18. Chore Charts/Toys

chore charts

It doesn’t take long for 4 year old boys to begin craving more independence and responsibility. It’s just too cute watching them do whatever they can to try and help out. Help your little guy out with his desire to help out more by gifting him one of these chore charts or toys. They make doing chores and learning about basic responsibility fun for both you and him, all the while going a long way towards building up his confidence and sense of self-worth.

19. Active Toys

active toys

It should come as no surprise to anyone by now that we are indeed firm believers in getting your kids up and active as often as possible. This selection of active toys work great for getting little boys on board with that game plan as well. Active play for preschoolers provides a huge range of benefits, both physical and mental. It will help with improving his cardiovascular fitness, build up strong muscles and bones, learn coordination and movement control, and even lower his risk of developing chronic diseases later on in life.

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