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355+ Fun and Essential Toys for 4 Year Olds – Good Gift Ideas

57 Mind-Blowing Toys for 4 Year Old Boys (He’ll Love These Unique Toys)

Pretend play, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, letter, number, and shape recognition are all things important to devlopment in 4 year olds. One of the greatest things about children learning through play is that the more they play, the more they learn and develop important skills.

63 Must-Have Toys for the 4 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything

The top toy and gift ideas for your little girl.

58 Cool Toys for 4 Year Old Boys and Girls – Best Toys for Preschoolers

With such a massive variety of toys for 4 year olds available today, it won’t be difficult to find many that will provide a lot of pretend play time. Today’s toys are more than just playthings, they provide education and learning through play, and assist in developmental areas of need for all children.

22 Educational Toys to Help Positively Shape Your 4 Year Olds Behavior

The best toys are ones that are both educational and fun, and this list has it all. From games that teach the social graces, to pretend play sets, these ideas are sure to provide hours of fun for your little one. Playtime is always educational with these selections.

25 Most Unique Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls and Boys

Find unique STEM toys, crafts, fun puzzles and games, and some great pretend-play options. Your child will love anything on this list!

25 Picture Books and Toys for Growing Preschool Language Skills

Today, you can find so many great educational toys. The use of electronics, reimagined games, and clever design has created a wealth of options out there that is sure to delight any young child. There are also some great options the whole family will enjoy. Alphabet Bingo, anyone?

22 Best Car Seats to Keep Your 4 Year Old Safe (Highly Rated)

The safest, most comfortable and quality car seats to keep your 4 year old safe, secure and happy.

20 Brilliant Science Activities for Preschoolers

The best science activities, kits and experiments for little science-obsessed Einstein’s.

23 Clever Math Games, Toys and Activities for 4 Year Olds

Math has a reputation for being boring – these toys will help them to see how fun math can be, using games, puzzles and imaginative play to aid with counting, and simple arithmetic in order to make sure pre-schoolers are ready for the classroom.

26 Ride on Toys Your 4 Year Old Will Cherish (Mom-Approved)

Scooters, bicycles, fancy trucks, sports cars, and heavy equipment vehicles are all available options when you’re in the market for ride-on toys. There are so many wonderful choices, from a bouncy unicorn to a sleek battery-powered Mercedes-Benz! You’re certain to find just the right vehicle for your favorite little driver.

41 Age-Appropriate Board Games for 4 Year Olds That Don’t Suck

These board games are fun, interactive, 4 year old friendly and absolutely addictive!

39 Best Bikes and Bike Sizes for 4 Year Olds (+ Must-Have Bike Accessories)

Choose from our list of the 39 best bikes and accessories that are safe, stylish, comfortable and come highly recommended.

25 Essential Toys to Help Your 4 Year Old Sleep Deeply

From adorable, cuddly snow leopards to ‘pawsome’ Paw Patrol products that provide hours of fun and turn into soft pillows…

30 Out-of-This-World Robot Toys for 4 Year Olds (Interactive and Educational)

Whether they be TV characters or simply games or robots that are all around us, they stimulate and drive young minds toward technical creativity, preparing them for first steps into science.

The coolest gifts and toys for 4 year old boys and girls.