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71 Cool Toys for 5 Year Old Boys (Best of the Best)

While it may seem like an intimidating task to find gifts that are age-appropriate, there are actually countless options available when it comes to toys for 5 year old boys. Technology has made it easier to seamlessly integrate entertainment and learning, resulting in a new wave of gadgets, interactive books, kid-sized ride-on toys, learning tools, and so much more. If you’re ready to start browsing for some gift ideas that will fuel your little boys mind and body, take a look at the best of the best below.

The best games, gifts and toys for 5 year old boys.

1. Skip and Hop Toys

Skip and hop toys double as a source of entertainment and developmental tool for 5-year-old boys. On one hand, they get the developmental benefits such as hand-eye coordination, balance, physical strength, and confidence in their own abilities, while also being something that will occupy their time for hours on end. What’s great about skip and hop toys is that they can be used solo or as a group. Taking turns with toys promotes their social skills as well, something that is very important for growing boys who will be off to school soon.

2. Geometric Building Toys

Geometric building toys offer a lot of unique benefits to your little ones. They help develop spatial awareness and fine motor skills through the process of putting together shapes and figures. Building toys also help encourage creativity in young kids and are easier to manipulate since they were designed specially for your little one’s hand. They come blockier in size and can be easier to manipulate compared to more advanced toys with smaller components and more intricate designs.

3. Books to Establish Boundaries

Toys that establish boundaries tend to be a more niche category, but they’re incredibly important all the same. Establishing boundaries early on shows your child that there are certain rules to follow at a given time. By learning these boundaries early, they are given room to understand and recognize the need for them, which can result in a more respectful and courteous attitude as they get older.

4. Toy Vehicles

At 5 years old, this is probably not the first time your little boy will be handling a toy vehicle. Even still, toy cars and other vehicular objects help develop a child’s fine motor skills and dexterity. Since toy vehicles tend to be smaller toys, they require finer hand movements and skill in comparison to larger toys such as push toys that are designed more for toddlers.

5. Jungle Gyms

Don’t take for granted how much fun a child can have in a small jungle gym. When given complete freedom to do anything and everything they want, they can entertain themselves for hours even if it’s just a small set-up. With jungle gyms, you’re assured of a solo or group activity that boosts social interaction and self-confidence the old school way, without the need for screens and fancy gadgets.

6. Ride-On Toys

Ride-on toys are an excellent source of fun and entertainment for 5 year old boys. At this age, they’re ever curious and have limitless energy, so keeping them busy with physical activities and all sorts of toys certainly helps. With ride-on toys, they can improve their fine motor skills through handling things like knobs, handles, buttons and gears. They likewise improve their gross motor skills by using their physical strength to balance, coordinating their movements, and using momentum to gain speed. (1)

7. Toys to Broaden Vocabulary

Toys that broaden vocabulary allow our children to express themselves with more specificity and detail. It also encourages a more sociable personality since they can better communicate with other kids their age. As a parent, it’s important to recognize concerning behaviors in your child and whether or not he is able to articulate how he feels. By having the vocabulary to do so, you are giving your child a powerful communication tool that will only get better as he grows up.

8. Books About Going to Kindergarten

Books about going to Kindergarten often deal with the anxieties of the first day of school… A new experience can be scary and intimidating for a 5-year-old, so it’s important that they come into it with some preparation. We say some because nothing can fully prepare your child for what’s to come, but with some imaginative storytelling and illustrative storybooks, they can have a good idea of what to expect on their first day.

9. Musical Toys

Knowing how crucial the 5 year mark is for our kids, it’s important to take advantage of learning tools and educational methods that have been proven to work. Studies show that music helps with everything from cognitive development to better memory in early childhood development. (2) It’s no wonder musical toys have become more and more popular over the years among kids and educators alike.

10. Toys to Reinforce Good Behavior

Every parent has a different parenting style, and it’s up to you to decide how best to instill discipline and good behavior in your children. Certain toys and activity games help teach kids good behavior by using reward systems in a fun and interactive way. Using these toys can reinforce lessons and values that you’re already teaching them, but in a more subtle way.

11. Singing Toys

Singing toys are an excellent exercise for building self-confidence and self-expression in your child. At this age, little boys are exploring their newfound talents and abilities. Singing might be one of them, along with playing musical instruments or even sports. Singing toys tend to have programmed sounds within the mic or instrument, so your little one can simply follow along to the tune.

12. Toys to Build Independence

As your little boy grows up, he’s going to want to be more independent. But as his parent, it’s only normal for you to fear for his safety whenever he decides to test one of his boundaries. With these toys, he can continue developing his independence in a safe and controlled environment so that you can take a step back and allow him to discover his new abilities for himself.

13. Age-Appropriate Games

Card games have been around for quite some time, but not many people are aware that there are many benefits to them. Card games are great for young kids in helping them develop their fine motor skills. It takes some grip and dexterity to handle the cards properly, especially during games that require flipping or shuffling cards. Kid-friendly card games are also a great opportunity for social interaction and family bonding since many card games can be played with multiple players.

14. Books and Toys to Teach Good Nutrition and Healthy Eating

The cornerstone of a healthy life is eating properly. Books and toys that teach good nutrition and healthy eating habits early on in life help establish lifelong habits. (3) Children will be able to make informed choices about what they eat as early as 5 years of age, and this can only improve as they get older.

15. Acting Toys

Acting toys are some of our favorite gift ideas for 5 year olds because they tend to really enjoy anything that has to do with imaginative play. Giving your kids the opportunity to create stories about their favorite animals, characters and objects will help engage their recognition skills as well as their ability to think ahead. Also, having acting toys will help create more realistic emotions in your kids, which can develop their empathy and self-awareness.

16. Counting Toys

Aside from the ABC’s, counting from 1 to 5 is another important milestone in a child’s life. From there, it gets progressively more advanced and parents sometimes feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there are countless counting toys that can help you teach your kids in a fun and interative way. Counting toys help establish number recognition, which is an important skill to have once they enter Kindergarten. Some schools expect their kids to be able to count to twenty or fifty by the time they enter since they will be applying this knowledge regularly in school.

17. Books to Strengthen Reading Skills

Books that serve to strengthen the reading skills of kids are an important part of growing up. We tend to overlook basic skills like reading and writing, but they are cornerstones in any child’s development. Books help with reading comprehension, vocabulary, and creativity, and certain types of books can help to further strengthen word recognition in beginner readers.

18. Karate Toys

Karate is a martial arts discipline centered around fighting and self-defense. To facilitate the activities related to it, you’ll need certain equipment like mats and kickpads. For kids who are showing interest in martial arts, you may want to start with karate toys. These are safe for your child to use, while still showing them an idea of what martial arts could be like when they’re older.

19. Drawing Books and Toys

A lot of children go through a phase where they seem to want to draw on every available surface imaginable. At 5 years old, this could still happen of course, but instead of allowing your kids to draw on walls and tables, make sure to direct their efforts towards drawing books and toys instead. There are plenty of options available for easy clean-up and minimal waste. As an added bonus, they can use different tools to create artistic masterpieces. Drawing helps boost your child’s concentration, while also increasing confidence and creativity.

20. Personalized Name Toys and Gifts

Personalized name toys and gifts are a great touch, especially during the holiday season. It shows that the gift is unique and thoughtful, while still providing some benefit. For kids, having something personalized just for them shows them that their identity is one-of-a-kind, and that there is no one else like them in the world. Likewise, personalized items show them the importance of ownership and personal space.

21. Books About Friendship

It’s never too early to teach your child the importance of friendship. At 5 years old, they may not have many friends yet, but learning the value of friendship will also develop their empathy towards others. Books about friendship explain the concept in a very eloquent way while also providing some form of entertainment in the form of illustrations.

22. Gymnastic Toys

Gymnastic toys provide a safe and controlled way to introduce more complex movements and actions to children. Unlike jungle gyms which usually have stairs, a slide and a bridge for kids to climb on, gymnastic toys are more challenging, especially to a child’s balance and grip. Gymnastic toys are an excellent confidence builder and physical activity in one, challenging your child’s gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination with each new skill he learns.

23. Pretend Play Costumes

Pretend play costumes are always fun for 5 year olds because they’re all about imaginative play at this age. It gives kids the ability to dress up as a fireman, a policeman, a race car driver, or even a dinosaur in an inflatable suit! With pretend play, they can explore their creativity, improve their communication skills, and enhance their social skills.

24. Dinosaur Toys

Speaking of dinosaurs, make sure you’re aware of all the dinosaur-themed toys out there because there are a lot to choose from. From inflatable toy suits to kid-sized Jeeps, dinosaur-themed toys are almost always a hit among young kids. Great for solo or group play, these toys help facilitate learning through better self-expression, improved communication, and better motor skills.

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