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72 Brilliant Toys for Imaginative 5 Year Old Girls – Mom-Approved Gifts for Girls

When it comes to raising children, it’s safe to say that we want nothing but the best for them. These toys for 5 year old girls will help their development through learning exercises, exploration of new ideas, and character development. Additionally, playing with certain toys will aid in physical development by sharpening fine motor skills and strengthening their bodies through active play. Toys and books are a great investment as they’re tools that will help young girls grow into their fullest potential while still providing a lot of entertainment and fun, and these are the best of the best in every important category.

The best gifts, books and toys for 5 year old girls.

1. Jungle Gyms

Nowadays, it’s common to see kids spending most of their days inside the house in front of a screen. Jungle gyms are a great way to break that habit and get your kids active again especially since physical activity has been linked to physical and mental health. (1) Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you have plenty of options when it comes to your set-up. Jungle gyms train your kids to climb, slide, hang, and crawl without any sort of manual. Just assemble it and watch them discover the fun for themselves.

2. Singing Toys

If you’re still looking for a present for your 5-year-old girl, we highly recommend toys that allow her to sing and explore her musical talents. Singing at a young age has been shown to boost confidence and self-esteem. (2) Additionally, singing is a fantastic way to get your little girl to express her emotions in a positive way.

3. Books About Friendship

A huge part of life is learning how to build relationships with other people. For kids, this starts with friendship. Reading books is an excellent way to teach your daughter about the importance of friendship and how to cultivate those relationships in her own little ways.

4. Personalized Name Toys and Gifts

Personalized gifts always feel a touch more special because they’re made just for you. This holiday season, it’s time for you to make someone else feel extra special. A lot of brands nowadays can do the personalizing for you at the point of sale. Simply give them your information and they’ll do the rest. It’s that easy.

5. Toys to Build Independence

As parents, it’s safe to say that we all want our children to succeed in life. What better way to prepare them for the future than with toys that build independence? With these toys they’ll learn how to complete everyday tasks, be responsible for their actions, and they’ll also learn the value of working towards a goal.

6. Counting Toys

Counting toys are great tools for parents and educators because it helps teach kids how to recognize numbers even before they start reading. Learning to count, comparing quantities, and identifying numbers are early indicators of mathematical skills and can be used to better prepare children for school-age mathematical learning. (3)

7. Drawing Books and Toys

Place any writing tool in your little girl’s hand and before you know it, she’ll be scribbling on every available surface. We all love seeing our kids create art, but you may want to introduce your little one to some drawing books first. Drawing books are more than just pages for your kids to draw on. They contain activities that help your kid draw shapes, numbers, letters, and more.

8. Dinosaur Toys

If your child loves to tell stories and role-play, you simply can’t go wrong with kid-sized dinosaur toys. Dinosaur toys come in all shapes and sizes, from miniature figurines to life-sized inflatable costumes, so there’s definitely something for everyone. They add a lot of drama and excitement to any role-playing activity, which is perfect for imaginative 5 year olds with a flair for acting and storytelling.

9. Gymnastics Toys

Gymnastics toys are similar to jungle gyms in that they’re physical activities that your child can enjoy solo or with a group. Gymnastics however is more advanced and requires a bit more skill, not to mention strength. Your little girl will become quite the athlete once she masters the trapeze, rings and balance beam. Best of all, a lot of gymnastics toys can be set-up with minimal space required.

10. Age-Appropriate Games

Playing games is a social activity that you and your child can enjoy no matter how old she is. But at 5 years old, it’s important that you choose games that are appropriate for her skill level while also being mindful of any developmental milestones that need to be met. Fortunately, there are many age-appropriate games you can introduce her to that are also incredibly entertaining and fit for the whole family.

11. Musical Toys

Musical toys are useful tools that offer many developmental benefits for your child such as improved concentration, cognition and creativity. Several studies also suggest that musical training can have positive effects on a child’s linguistic skills such as vocabulary and phoneme skills. (4)

12. Geometric Building Toys

Kids gravitate towards building toys for a variety of reasons. For one, they usually come in kid-friendly shapes and colors that when combined, look somewhat of a masterpiece even without a set design. Another reason they are incredibly popular among kids is that they’re easy to manipulate, especially magnetic building toys special connectors.

13. Books and Toys to Teach Good Nutrition and Healthy Eating

It’s never too early to instill healthy eating habits in children. According to studies, habits are formed early on in their childhood, and what they learn during their early years has an impact on their long-term eating habits. With the help of books and toys, you can communicate the importance of good nutrition to them in simple but effective ways.

14. Toys to Establish Boundaries

Broach sensitive subjects with the help of these thoughtfully created toys and books. As your little girl grows older, it’s only a matter of time before she starts asking more difficult questions such as those dealing with personal space and what is considered inappropriate behavior. With these toys, she can learn how to establish her boundaries and how to assert them when needed.

15. Karate Toys

Perfect for the young athlete, karate toys make for great exercise and training companions. These tools help active kids become better versions of themselves through improved balance, coordination and discipline, and can pave the way for more serious sports activities in the future.

16. Acting Toys

Acting toys bring out the little puppeteer in your child because they’re made to fit perfectly into small hands. Manipulating a hand puppet can help develop your child’s fine motor skills while also improving her communication skills as well. They come in a wide range of characters for her to choose from for hours of imaginative play.

17. Toys to Reinforce Good Behavior

Reward your child in ways that count with the help of toys that were designed specifically for reinforcing good behavior. Sometimes children have a hard time with motivation and finding reasons to follow instructions. With this system, they can better understand the hows and whys of what they’re doing so they can stay motivated.

18. Toy Vehicles

If you think girls don’t enjoy cars, think again. I find that many young girls enjoy playing with all sorts of toy vehicles, from firetrucks to police cars, sports cars and matchbox cars. Playing with toy vehicles encourages young kids to practice small hand movements, while also having a social component to it. Games involving toy vehicles may include multiple players, making it an excellent bonding activity for family and friends.

19. Toys to Broaden Vocabulary

At 5 years old, you can take measures to broaden your child’s vocabulary in preparation for Kindergarten. This will ensure that she has the necessary skills to communicate while also helping her improve her cognition, memory and comprehension skills.

20. Books to Strengthen Reading Skills

It’s never too early to inspire your child to read. Books nowadays come second to tablets and video games but that shouldn’t be the case. Studies show that there could be detrimental effects from too much screen time, so it’s more important than ever to emphasize alternate activities to keep our kids occupied. These books are designed to strengthen your child’s reading skills in a fun and interactive way through a variety of workbooks, activities and games.

21. Skip and Hop Toys

Watch your child skip and hop to her heart’s content with these specially designed toys. Made for 5 year olds, these toys are built to withstand a lot of playtime without breaking. They work by training your child’s hand-eye coordination, balance and agility, all of which are crucial for her development at this age.

22. Pretend Play Costumes

Playful learning has been shown to be an integral part of early childhood development, and role-playing and storytelling are great ways to practice that. (5) These fun activities offer a lot of developmental benefits such as better social skills, improved cognitive performance and better self-expression. With play costumes, your child can be whoever she chooses to be, which can help with self-discovery and building self-confidence.

23. Ride-on Toys

Ride-on toys inspire a lot of confidence in young kids who are a little intimidated by physical activities. Usually, these kids are the ones who are more interested in activities like reading and drawing. Ride-on toys are easy to maneuver and don’t require much physical strength at all so they’re easier to learn. They do, however, serve as a great stepping stone towards more rigorous play activities such as the jungle gym activities and gymnastics activities.

24. Books About Going to Kindergarten

The first day of Kindergarten is a memorable one for both child and parent. This is a big milestone that signifies the progression of your growing child. It can be daunting to face new experiences without the presence of parents and familiar faces, so make sure to alleviate any of your child’s worries before that day comes. Fortunately, there are plenty of thoughtfully created books that tackle the different worries and anxieties a 5 year old may go through when going to Kindergarten.

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