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325+ Skill-Building Games, Gifts and Toys for 5 Year Olds

110+ Best Toys for 5 Year Old Girls and Boys of 2020 for Every Need

Being 5 can be rough! And during this crucial developmental year when they seem to grow up so quickly, finding age-appropriate toys that fuel their body, mind, spirt and build social skills are critical. These are the toys that have serious staying power and help develop your 5 year old in every way, while also being so cool and fun to play with that they’ll want to use them all the time.

36 Ride-on Toys for Really Active 5 Year Olds

Find an age-appropriate ride on toy that is innovative, safe, affordable, and most importantly, a mode of transportation with endless fun potential.

32 Educational Toys and Learning Games Your 5 Year Old Will Love

When seeking out educational toys, most parents are looking for games that will not only be fun to play but that will also begin to educate their children. This varied list of toys covers that aim but also finds games and toys that will fit a wide range of budgets.

26 Best Board Games to Help Developing 5 Year Olds

Board games are great to encourage communication and development of social skills. They’re also seriously fun, and bring challenges that are just right for them, ensuring laughs and enjoyment all round as they play for hours and most often start all over again!

39 Books for 5 Year Olds to Build a Reading Foundation

Some of the best toys for 5 year olds are actually books! There is no greater gift to give a child than the love of reading, and here you will find something for every little one. From classic rhymes and games, to favorite characters and learning activities, this list has it all.

36 Durable and Size-Appropriate Bikes for Active 5 Year Olds

If your 5 year old has a birthday coming up soon, they’ve probably given you a list full of toys that they have their eye on, and we bet at the top of that list is an amazing flashy bike – take a look for the best one, here.

29 Safe and Interactive Outdoor Toys for 5 Year Olds (Love These)

Good outdoor toys should include toys that provide physical activity like bikes, balls, sports, and kites, water and sand toys, and anything that will hold their attention outdoors. These toys can be for independent play, or play with friends, and most importantly, a lot of fun.

30 Toys to Develop Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills in 5 Year Olds

Classic toys make great gifts; they never go out of style and always serve a purpose beyond playing. Building blocks, logs, and links, provide hours of creative fun and learning in ways children may not yet understand, and that is why parents and teachers love them too.

26 Word-Based Toys for Language Advanced 5 Year Olds

Today’s kids have so many learning options, and the expectations and pressure to succeed are tough. Give them a headstart in reading, word recognition, spelling, or even learning a foreign language.

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