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315+ Top Toys and Genius Gifts for 7 Year Olds

33 Top Picks for Boys and Girls – Best Toys for 7 Year Olds

There is no shortage of great toys for 7 year olds on this comprehensive list. Everything from Transformers and Star Wars to silly books and fun games, you will find something to suit every child’s taste on this list. Be the hero of the party when you arrive with the perfect gift.

34 Most Popular Toys for 7 Year Old Girls – Parent-Approved Picks

In our competitive and computerized world, toys and play are much more sophisticated than they were even twenty years ago. We strive to offer the most innovative and creative products available to make sure the choices you make are challenging and stimulating to today’s young minds.

29 Awesome Toys for 7 Year Old Boys (These are Really Fun)

Check out this amazing collection of toys with something guaranteed to delight every child. From innovative LEGO build kits to science experiments, action figures, and high-energy sports games, there is something here for every child to love. You can’t go wrong with any option on this list.

36 Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys and Girls That Have Everything

School-age kids are hard to buy for, but don’t get defeated and opt for predictable gifts – have a look at this list of toys that will blow their minds, including simple LED slingshots that glow in the dark,and science kits to make bubbles.

28 Imaginative Toys That Make Learning Fun for 7 Year Olds

Check out this list for some educational and creative options. Whether they are young engineers, architects, scientists, gardeners, explorers, fashion designers, or artists, there is something here to spark every child’s creativity and imagination.

36 Creative 7 Year Old Board Games to Play

Board games, both classic and modern, are educational, fun, and build important skills. Check out this list of old favorites and modern creations to find something fun for everyone. There are many options great for Family Game Night.

36 Books for 7 Year Olds with Developing Interests

When you’re shopping, you’re probably more likely to buy a game for their console rather than a book – before you add it to your cart, have a look at this list of awesome books that teach kids about everything from cooking to yoga.

26 High-Quality Bikes Built for 7 Year Olds (Which is Best?)

There’s a magical feeling when advancing from a tricycle to a bicycle that’s hard to describe. It’s freedom and accomplishment in one big scary and emotional push down the sidewalk.

20 Best Riding Toys for 7 Year Olds (Mom-Approved)

In this day of computers and televisions, parents can struggle to get their child to embrace outdoor play. End the struggle and get them fighting to get outdoors to drive these super cool go karts or race on these funky scooters.

32 Good Gifts Your 7 Year Old Boy Will Love – Unique and Fun Ideas

Whether they like to explore earth’s many bounties, solve brain teasing puzzles, or play innumerable gut busting, giggle worthy games, the choice remains simple: it’s that which makes them happy, loving, and productive.

32 Great Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls (Noteworthy Picks)

Be a superhero this christmas with these unique gifts for girls that they will actually use (and love).

31 Fun Outdoor Toys That Will Get Your 7 Year Old Off the Couch

This summer, you’ll be able to reduce your kids’ screen time and get them outside enjoying the fresh air. Use this list of outdoor toys to encourage them to play in the backyard, they’ll soon be having more fun there than on their video games.

33 Useful Gifts to Help Your 7 Year Old Get Through First Grade

Are you stuck on what to get them? Their minds are like little sponges at age 7, so choose something from our helpful list which will challenge their minds and improve their problem solving skills, all without them even realizing they’re learning at all.

36 Cuddly Plush Toys for 7 Year Olds Still Into That Sorta Thing

Sometimes they just need a good snuggle, ya know?