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285+ Toys and Gifts to Fuel Your 8 Year Olds Body, Mind and Spirit

20 Must-Buy Toys for 8 Year Old Boys – Affordable and Innovative

Here are the must-buy boys toys this year. From crazy cool microscope kits, to Star Wars themed LEGO building sets that are bound to keep them amused and happy for days, this list really does have it all.

21 Bestselling Toys for 8 Year Old Girls (She’ll Love These)

With an overwhelming number of products out there, it can be a challenge to know where to start looking, let alone what to buy. This list includes toys for kids who have to have the latest trends, as well as classic toys that have been enjoyed for generations.

20 Top Picks for 8 Year Old Games – Kids Board Game Guide

The options available when you’re shopping for 8 year olds today is unbelievable. We’ve narrowed it down for you, with a list of the most fun board games available right now, including new editions of old favorites and the classics you loved as a kid. It’ll make your shopping experience very nostalgic.

35 Hilarious Books to Make Your 8 Year Old Laugh

This list is full of amazingly funny and humorous books that they’re sure to enjoy, as well as story writing games and witty knock-knock joke books.

38 Bikes for Active 8 Year Olds (Get These Sizes)

Every kid needs a safe, age-appropriate bike. Not only do they get them outside in the fresh air, riding is also an important life skill. If they’ve learned how to ride a bike with training wheels and they’re ready to move on, choose them a grown up one from this list.

20 Cool Ride-on Toys for Adventurous 8 Year Olds (Top Picks)

They’ve learned to walk, they’ve learned to run, and now they’re learning to ride. Finding suitable ride on toys for your 8 year old can be something of a challenge. We have exactly what you’re looking for in two, three, and four-wheeled varieties. Foot-powered or battery-powered, they’re sure to be a hit.

21 Genius Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Boys and Girls

Over time, kids’ toy boxes start to overflow with toys and games that have been long-forgotten. Have a look at this pick of inspiring toys for 8 year olds that will keep them entertained for many years to come, like a light-up globe or an interactive chess set.

25 Toys for 8 Year Olds to Educate and Inspire – Teacher-Approved Picks

Looking for amazing suggestions for educational toys? This list has everything from robots to science kits and solar models to telescopes. There is something here to inspire every child to learn, grow, and expand their imaginations.

20 Unique and Creative Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

Kids who are still developing their autonomy appreciate a guiding hand. This helpful list includes gifts that will appeal to their growing independence, feed their curiosity, and entertain them. We’ve compiled a list of exciting toys, games, or electronics to encourage that development.

22 Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls That She Actually Wants

Looking for some awesome gift ideas? This list has some great ideas for you. There are craft kits, LEGO sets, games, electronics, and more. There is something here to suit everyone’s taste. You can’t go wrong with any of the suggestions you find here.

38 Most Popular Outdoor Toys for 8 Year Olds

Give your kids the gift of playing outdoors with some of these cool toys for 8 year olds. Get them outside laughing and running in the fresh air with such cool options as water slides, Nerf blasters, and a variety of lawn games. Get rid of those screens and back to old fashioned outdoor fun.

20 Games That Will Make Your 8 Year Old Think

Puzzles, scooters, action figures, LEGO, tablets, and dolls are all brilliant toys, but so are these amazing board and card games. They bring hours of entertainment to the table, as well as much needed family time, and you can find the best games for them, right here.

23 Toys to Help Your 8 Year Old Read Fluently

For youngsters in the 3rd grade, literacy is essential to future success. As a parent or guardian, the list of toys begs for a diversion from pink fluffiness or big tanks with a gift of grammar enhancing toys. Your award-winning novelist or playwright will thank you.

20 Top Toys All 8 Year Old Girls and Boys Will Love – Mom Picks

There are lots of awesome toys for 8 year olds these days. From building sets to science kits, it is all about exploring. Check out this list for some cute and clever options to give your little one. There are games, dolls, crafts, and more, basically something for everyone.