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250+ Best Toys and Gifts for Your Maturing 9 Year Old

39 Must-Have Toys for 9 Year Old Boys and Girls (Mom-Approved)

From crazy science kits full of the most exciting experiments, to super fun and impressive Nerf Blasters, your kids are bound to love these amazing toys for 9 year olds – so get your card at the ready as you won’t be able to resist a few of these absolute must-buys.

36 Really Fun Toys Your 9 Year Old Girl Will Love (Best Picks)

Being 9 is a difficult age. You’re almost in double figures and not quite a pre-teen, although it does feel like it. But as a parent, you want to keep them as young as possible. Use this list of of toys to get them something which feels grown up but still keeps their childlike attitude.

26 Best Toys for 9 Year Old Boys Who Have Everything

With this list you’re sure to find the perfect gift no matter what they’re into, as this list has everything from cool bikes and scooters to the most impressive Nerf Blasters which can fire up to 90 feet! How awesome is that?

27 Unusual Gifts You Need to Get Your 9 Year Old

These unusual gift ideas have something to inspire and delight every child. Whether they like baking or building, robots or roller skating, Avengers or art, there are some cool options here for all occasions. Your child will thank you for checking it out.

37 Genius Educational Toys for Curious 9 Year Olds

Teach your child in the most fun way possible thanks to the following compilation of some of the best toys for 9 year olds that have an educational element. Electronics, robotics, paleontology and math are just a few examples of the subjects covered by these enormously fun toys.

48 Board Games Your Family and 9 Year Old Will Love

Sometimes the best toys are classic or modern board games. From the wackiness of “Hot Potato” and the excitement of “Jenga” to the mysteries of “Clue” and the intensity of “Battleship,” check out this extensive list of amazing options that the whole family can enjoy together.

34 Helpful Books for 9 Year Olds Experiencing a Lot of Change

Third graders are difficult to buy for, maybe even declaring themselves too ‘old’ for toys. But those who are growing up fast find that life isn’t easy – the books for 9 year olds on this list help them to deal with challenges they may be experiencing, like making and keeping friends.

39 Dream Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys – Be a Gift Giving Superhero

When looking for gift ideas you come across a variety of toys, games and little nik-naks. Don’t worry, we’ve narrowed everything down into this one list, which is crammed with only the most awesome of toys and gifts, like Nerf Blasters, and even a super funny Chewbacca mask.

33 Incredible Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls Who Deserve the Best

If you need some cool gifts for 9 year old girls, check out this list of creative finds. From Shopkins and My Little Pony to LEGO Friends and some amazing craft kits, you are sure to find something on this list to suit every girl’s taste. You can’t go wrong with a choice from these suggestions.

22 Incredible Outdoor Toys for 9 Year Olds Who Love to Explore

These outdoor toys are toys that dig, catch bugs, or bring the heavens closer, and they’re all designed to teach and entertain our precious, curious kiddos.

22 Toys for Growing Your 9 Year Olds Independence

Finding suitable toys for adventurous, curious kids, always looking for new activity, isn’t child’s play. We’ve made it easier to find great gifts for those great kiddos who are one step out of the nursery and on an exciting journey with no limits.

21 Toys to Help 9 Year Olds Mature Emotionally

These toys and books help whether they’re dealing with pressure to succeed or just coping with the sometimes scary and confusing feelings that go along with growing up.