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19 Adorable Unicorn Cookies That Taste As Good As They Look

By Kelsey

These adorable cookies are a great unicorn birthday party idea as each and every one of them are spectacular in appearance, and use all the colors of the rainbow to really make them stand out. From simple sprinkled sugar cookies to unicorn piñata cookies which actually poop, this selection of treats will take any party from mundane to absolutely magical.

Rainbow Unicorn Oreo Cookies

Oreos and white candy coating make the foundation for these pretty little cookies, and because they need no baking, they’re the ideal unicorn birthday party idea for those who can’t cook.

Chocolate Unicorn Cookies

Turn chocolate cookies into enchanted cookies by following this recipe and then dotting the cookie dough with pink and blue swirled vanilla morsels before baking for just 12 minutes.

Frosted Unicorn Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are delicious, but now you can add a pinch of unicorn magic to the basic recipe by swirling pink and blue glaze all over the top, and adding assorted sprinkles.

Unicorn Pinata Cookies

The colorful marbled effect of the cookie dough in this recipe is super pretty, but that’s nothing compared to the fact that these unicorn piñata cookies actually poop candy!

Unicorn Head Cookies

Bake plain cookies in the shape of a unicorn’s head, and you’ll then have the fun of decorating then with white fondant, pastel colored royal icing mane, and golden nose and horn.

Meringue Unicorn Poop Cookies

Anyone who knows unicorns will also know that their poop is delicious; just look at these light as air meringue drops which are made up of swirls of rainbow colored droppings.

Unicorn Kiss Cookies

Cake mix cookies are brilliant if you don’t have the time to bake your own from scratch; by dipping the dough into colored sugars, you can give them a unicorn vibe, too.

Vegan Unicorn Sugar Cookies

If the birthday child follows a vegan diet, there’s no reason why cookies can't still be enjoyed; this vegan recipe means you can create pretty unicorn cookies using no dairy at all.

No Bake Unicorn Cookie Bites

Following certain diets can mean missing out on sweet treats, but this 4-ingredient recipe makes adorable unicorn-hued energy balls which are paleo and vegan friendly and completely dairy and gluten-free.

Unicorn Swirl Cookies

Ermahgerd, these swirl cookies are absolutely stunning to look at and even more delicious to eat, and can be prepared a day in advance making them the perfect unicorn birthday party idea.

Unicorn Farts

With no baking required, these unicorn farts are ideal for anyone who wants a quick and easy recipe for deliciously sweet treats which tie in to the here-to-stay fascination with mythical horses.

Sour Gummy Unicorn Cookies

This recipe uses bean juice as one of its ingredients, which results in a soft-in-the-middle but crispy-on-the-outside cookie that can be decorated using rainbow candy strips, pretty sprinkles, and white icing.

Unicorn Pizzelles

Look how pretty these baked goods are! Made using a pizzelle iron, this recipe can be used to make cookies, sandwiches, or even caramel-filled stroopwafels which look too beautiful to eat.

Unicorn Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are delicious, but when you make them with cream cheese they become something very special indeed. Top them with a bright pink, sprinkled frosting and you’re onto a unicorn winner.

Unicorn Cookie Cups

These wonderfully colorful sweet treats are deceptive because they look like cupcakes but they’re actually cookies, indented to hold the butter cream frosting and topped off with a unicorn’s horn.

Unicorn Peanut Butter Cookies

Apparently unicorns have a soft spot for peanut butter and sprinkles, so by making these deliciously colorful peanut butter cookies you might just have a chance of catching one!

Rainbow Unicorn Sugar Cookies

This DIY is a Godsend for those who don’t have time to bake, because it’s all about the icing, meaning even store-bought cookies can be used to create these swirly magical bites.

Unicorn Surprise Sugar Cookies

How cute are these unicorn surprise sugar cookies? Plain on the outside, they contain a sweet rainbow-colored heart center which makes them ideal for any unicorn obsessed loved-one’s birthday.

Unicorn Cookie Party Dip

Dips always go down well at birthday parties, and if you’re having a unicorn-themed one this cream cheese and Cool Whip version is colorful, sparkly, and absolutely delicious with fruit and crackers.

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