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VTech Little Apps Tablet (Full of Learning and Fun)

By Kelsey

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I found two Vtech tablets geared towards young players and preschool type learning. One of these tablets is the VTech Little Apps Tablet. This tablet is geared for a wide age group and impressed me with all the learning options available. I think my only concern was the screen.


Age Range: 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds
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The Vtech tablet is packaged in an open face box so you can “try it before you buy it”. It is easy to unpackage once home as well which is nice. Simply open the box, release the large twist clip and out it comes! Vtech Little Apps Tablet
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The Playtime Experience

I bought the Little Apps Tablet in black which was significantly cheaper than the pink one for some odd reason. There is a lot to do on this tablet and all the interactive points/on-off /volume adjust buttons are all on the face of the tablet. It comes with batteries installed so I was ready to play right from the package. Along the bottom of the tablet are several piano keys with numbers 1-10 on each. There are several buttons along the top for different learning game options. There are games to build word or number sequence bridges, solve picture puzzles, finding letters when asked, playing games involving more or less comparisons. There is also a slider across the top for even more games and interactions including playing the piano and others are full of learning and music fun. The screen is rather analog in nature but does have some times when it flashes color. Little Apps Tablet Review
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Things I Liked

I really like the multiple applications and learning games. I also love that I got so much for such a minimal investment.
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Things I Didn't Like

I don’t really care for the screen on this tablet because the screen is only colorful some times and most of the time it is black and white and incredibly analog.
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Appropriate Ages

The Vtech Tablet is recommended for players 2-5 years of age.
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Final Note

The VTech Little Apps Tablet is full of activities for learning and fun. I feel this tablet will easily span the large age group it boasts. I think this is a great for doctor offices, waiting at the airport or for long car rides. The screen leaves something to be desired but it is something I can get past it because it does offer so much learning possibilities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z5F6oundwQ (You may also like: 16 Durable and Age Appropriate Tablets for Kids)

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