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VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight (Great Size for Travel!)

By Kelsey

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I love playing with toys that are gears for very young players. Play time is also learning time for this young age group so I love testing out toys that make the most of that time. The VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight was a great toy and I really enjoyed playing with it.

Age Range: Baby and Baby, 1, 2, 3, 4 year olds
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The Spin and Learn Flashlight has to be one of the easiest toys I have ever unboxed. Removing it from the package was as easy as removing two small twist clips and lifting it from the box. It comes with batteries installed and a small booklet of instructions. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight
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The Playtime Experience

For such a small toy, the VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight actually has a lot to do. There are two modes symbolized by a lightbulb and a book. In the lightbulb mode essentially all you get is piano key sounds when you twist the flashlight or touch any of the buttons. However, the mode symbolized with a book allows a lot more interaction and learning. The light on the flashlight can be many colors and the top has pictures of many types of animals, when you twist the top of the flashlight you can select which animal and hear the name and appropriate sound. On the handle of the flashlight is a turtle which is another button which inspires songs, phrases and learning opportunity. There are several other buttons for inspiring nursery rhymes and more learning for letters, colors and much more. VTech Spin and Learn Flashlight Review
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Things I Liked

I like how easy this was to unbox and how much the “book” mode has to offer in terms of learning and play opportunities.
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Things I Didn't Like

I didn’t like that the instructions weren’t very clear and I had to learn to use this more by trial and error than anything else. The “lightbulb” mode really didn’t offer much in terms of entertainment.
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Appropriate Ages

The VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is recommended for players 12 months to 3 years. I don’t think there would be any problem with allowing a younger child to play with it however because the music and light will be enough to hold attention of a younger child, however the learning benefit will likely be seen most during that recommended age.
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Final Note

I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase the VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight again myself. I think it is entertaining and has a lot of learning potential. It was inexpensive and a small size which is great for taking along when traveling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_X6B7tXhcw (You may also like: VTech Baby Amaze Learn to Talk and Read Baby Doll Review)

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