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3Doodler Start Pen Review (Coloring Brought to Life!)

By Kelsey

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I loved my playtime with the new 3Doodler Start. I loved coloring and creating when I was a kid, and these are things I’ve continued to enjoy well into my adult life. The 3Doodler Start was great because it not only combined those two interests but brought them to life.

Age Range:
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3Doodler Start Unboxing

The box for the 3Doodler pen is small and easy to open. It opens via tabs along the side of the box and the process is virtually hassle-free. Once the box is open you will need to use the included USB cable to charge the Doodler pen. Also included you will find: an instruction manual, a manual full of creation ideas and illustrated instructions, several packages of the plastic threads, and several silicone plates that allow you to use a template for your designs.
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The Playtime Experience

Once you have allowed the 3Doodler Start pen to fully charge, playtime is a breeze. The plastic threads come in multiple colors and the packaging says that the plastic is safe, BPA free, and biodegradable. To get started, simply turn on the creation pen and allow it to warm up for 30 seconds. The pen’s indicator light will turn green when it is ready. Next, you press the button on the top of the pen. After pressing the button, the pen will start to make a humming noise indicating you need to thread one of the plastic threads through the opening at the top. Press the plastic thread down just until you feel the pen “grab” it. Now you are ready to create! Press the button again to make it stop, otherwise your 3D printing pen will continue to thread the softened plastic out. The plastic is warm when it comes out of the creation end, but it’s not too hot and it cools quickly. There’s no worry about waste since the pen doesn’t thread the plastic too quickly. The one downside to this is you may find it isn’t quick enough if you are impatient like me! what comes with the 3doodler start 3doodler start pen review
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Things I Liked

The idea of this toy is very cool! I loved the manual showing all the creations you can make since it helped to show just how diverse playtime can be with the 3Doodler.
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Things I Didn't Like

I wish I had more control over how quickly the plastic comes out. When I was working with the templates I felt it was going too slow, especially since I knew exactly what I was making.
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Appropiate Ages

The 3Doodler Start is recommended for creators 8 years of age and up. I am not entirely sure why considering the plastic and the gun never get hot to the touch. I am sure with adult supervision a slightly younger age group could enjoy this toy as well.
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Final Note

I will not hesitate to purchase the 3Doodler Start as a gift or for myself again. I loved the idea of this toy and the fact that this isn’t the sort of thing that stays stuck to a wall. It is portable, rechargeable, and easy to keep relevant. If you run out of plastic threads they are inexpensive to replace, and that helps make sure this toy sees years of play life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNTeTFu5mMI

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