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Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine Shimmer Doll

By Kelsey

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Most of us parents are familiar with the Nickelodeon show Shimmer and Shine. This wildly popular television series features Shimmer and Shine as genies in training who teach the value of friendship and problem solving skills through each episode. Well Nickelodeon and Fisher-Price have teamed up to bring a collectable set from the television series. For this review we will be taking a closer look at just one of the collectable dolls, the Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine – Shimmer doll.

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The Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine Shimmer is easily unboxed. She is attractively displayed in a plastic package with cardboard backing. The plastic is easily separated from the cardboard to reveal Shimmer and her accessories. The Shimmer doll comes with her own hair brush and a set of genie gem stickers. Shimmer and her accessories are secured into the package with several small, clear rubber bands. The rubber bands are secured around cardboard tabs inside the package and I am sure the intent of this was unwind the rubber bands and release Shimmer from the packaging. However, I found that this wasn’t very effective and within a few minutes my scissors were in hand. I had to be careful not to accidentally cut her beautiful pink pony tail when releasing her hair from the rubber bands but she was easily removed from the packaging within a few moments. shimmer doll unboxing
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The Playtime Experience

The doll stays very true to her look on the Nickelodeon show. Her bright pink hair is in a long pony tail and very soft to touch and play with. She comes with her own comb accessory so you can make sure each hair is perfectly in place. The Shimmer and Shine-Shimmer doll’s pants and hair are the only parts of her that are soft, the rest is a hardened plastic painted with her designs. Her headband is accessorized with a large glittery gem on her forehead. Around Shimmer’s wrists there are two gold bracelets which are moveable but don’t seem to be RE-movable. I was worried about them breaking if I tried to remove them so they are likely better off staying where they belong! Her arms and legs are all independently moving and this makes it possible to pose her in a way that allows her to stand on her own. Be warned! Her head is rather large for her body so she is tippy and getting her to stand on her own is a little tricky. shimmer doll unboxing
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Things I Liked

I like the doll because she stays true to her design and look on the show. She is beautiful and easy to play with as well and her hair is very soft to touch. Her hair is so soft in fact; I could barely keep from touching it while I played with her myself! I like that this toy encourages kids to use their imagination and to play out their favorite show.
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Things I Didn’t Like

Fisher-Price’s Shimmer and Shine Shimmer doll is very pretty and her glittery headband is an integral part of her look. But as a mom her headband becomes a dislike because from the instant she is open she is shedding glitter everywhere. I think while pretty, the glitter on this headband will likely have a longer life spending time wedged in the fabric of my couch than it will on our Shimmer doll herself.
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Appropriate Ages

Fisher-Price recommends their doll for ages over three. She is great for this young age group in my opinion. Kids in this age group often have more ability for imaginative play and no longer need music and lights to keep them engaged. Although none of the pieces immediately send red flags about being a choking hazard for younger children, I do have some concern about Shimmer’s bracelets. Even though I couldn’t remove them without fear of breaking them, because they are movable and possibly could be pried off her wrists and swallowed. I do think that this toy has longevity of play largely due to the relevance of the television show.
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Shimmer Doll Review: Worth it?

My final review for the Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine Shimmer doll is that she is a good buy for most families looking for an inexpensive toy with lots of play potential. I like toys that come as part of sets, especially when these sets have several pieces all reasonably priced. Additionally, toys that are based on favorite kid’s shows and movies always get a thumb up from this mommy because they tend to have a lot of play value. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again or invest in the complete set of the Shimmer and Shine collection from Fisher-Price. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meMe8UzTbWA

  1. Kelsey says:
    Affordable and Entertaining

    I actually really liked the Shimmer and Shine Shimmer Doll. I love that she stays true to her character from the Nickelodeon television series, encourages imagination and creative play and is very reasonably priced. I was impressed that investing in the entire set remained budget friendly and I am excited to add this toy to my toy arsenal at home.

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